Your tips for tricky situations

Many au pairs and host families from all over the world have shared their experiences with us. Since these experiences - good and bad - are there for others to learn from, we've collected your tips for how to deal with tricky situations during the au pair stay along with some possible solutions. 

Fully understanding the basic idea of au pairing

Au pair Fabienne "I didn't like the idea of having to work up to 12-14 hours a day. As an 18 year old a lot was expected of me..." Find the solution here

Other scenarios:
Thumbs up: Tricky situations can be resolved

Stick to previously made agreements! 

Host mum Raquel "The day of her supposed arrival, 12th September, she sent me an email to pull out - there was no explanation. She just said..." Find the solution here

Other scenarios:

Embarking well-prepared on the au pair adventure

Au pair Sofia "These evenings are very sociable and fun, well, if you can speak Basque. Because unfortunately that is a whole new language in itself, which has absolutely nothing..." Find the solution here

Other scenarios:

Make your expectations realistic and fair

Host dad Carlos „This girl thought she was on holiday, staying in a hotel. She was only with us for 14 days and spent only two hours a day..." Find the solution here

Other scenarios:

Immersing yourself in other cultures

Host mum Sabine "Our au pair's first experience with a host family was with us, for whom she was our first au pair. You could tell she was homesick. She didn't do a lot at the beginning." Find the solution here

Other scenarios:
Tricky Situation
Everything is easier to deal with, when you are open with one another, understand each other's needs and take an active role in solving any issues.

General advice from AuPairWorld: It doesn't always work out from day one! (that in itself is a false expectation :-)) Conflicts arise even in your own families, as they may of course with the new au pair or host family. It's just important to remember that: actively addressing issues is a lot better than trying to avoid them - speak openly about problems and listen to the needs of others' and their points of view. By doing so solutions are often quickly found.

However, if there really is no solution to the problems then one must take the appropriate action and look for a new host family or a new au pair. This is quite legitimate. For unexpected situations during the changeover it may be useful to have a look at our emergency action plan for host families and for au pairs.

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