Changing host families: How do I find a new host family?

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Au pairs can change families for different reasons: Sometimes this happens when the au pair wants to stay longer in the host country after the end of the planned stay with the first family and sometimes au pairs want to change before the planned end of their stay in order to find another family where they have a better understanding.


Reasons for changing to a new host family

Au pairs usually change host families when they wish to stay in their host country for a little longer and their stay at their present host family's home is due to end. However, au pairs sometimes change families prior to the planned end of the stay because they find they don't get on with their host family and there are differences and conflicts that they cannot resolve.

What can be done to avoid such conflicts?

Talking always help. Many problems can be avoided when the host family and the au pair make a point of talking with each other about all aspects of the stay right from the beginning. This is the best way to clear up misunderstandings quickly and find a positive way to continue the stay

How to organise the change to a new family

If your efforts to improve things are not successful and you would like to terminate the au pair contract early, then inform your host family as soon as possible. It is important to observe the notice period defined in the au pair contractThis notice period is usually two weeks. During this time, the work arrangements between the au pair and the host family should continue as usual. That means you should continue to perform your responsibilities as an au pair and you will continue to receive your normal payment from the host family.

Au pairs and host families should try to organise their next steps together. This means that the family could support you in finding a new family. If you have entered the host country on a visa, the relevant authorities need to be contacted to ensure that you can continue to stay legally in the host country.

How you can use AuPairWorld to find a new family 

If everything has been clarified with the authorities for a continuation of your stay in the host country, then you can use AuPairWorld during your current stay to look for a new family. This is how to do it:

  • Reactivate your AuPairWorld profile or register again if necessary.
  • Change the start date for a new stay to the upcoming end of your current stay and select your current host country. This way you become visible in EasyFind to host families in your host country who are looking for an au pair for right now.
  • Also search yourself in your EasyFind for families that would fit for you.
  • Make it clear in your profile texts that you are currently in the host country and ready to start with a new host family immediately.

If you are already in the host country, it may even be possible to meet the new host family personally in advance. In general, it is also quite simple for European au pairs to search for and find a new family within the EU. Since no visa is required for entry into another EU country, it is possible also to change countries if you want.

An au pair story: How I changed host families

Lucy changed host families due to a disagreement with her first one. Would you like to know what happen to her? Did she find a second family? How did she change families? Play the video to find it out!



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