Au pair visas

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A visa is an official document that allows one to enter a country for a defined period of time when one is not a citizen of that country. Who needs a visa depends on the country that one is travelling to and where one is from.

In some countries such as Australia, for example, a visa is mandatory for citizens of all other states. In some countries, citizens of certain states may enter without a visa while others need to have a visa.

When a visa is required, au pairs should apply for the visa at the responsible foreign mission of the intended host country in the home country of the au pair or wherever the au pair is presently located. This can be the embassy or consulate.

Often it is possible to make this application in writing, but in some cases one needs to appear in person. In connection with the visa application, the au pair must submit various documents, such as the invitation letter from the family, in addition to the visa application form.

Au pairs should make visa arrangements well in advance because the approval of a visa can take up to several months.

Our section Info Host Countries provides further information about visa requirements for various host countries.

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