Au pair tasks: What are the responsibilities of an au pair?

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The main responsibility of an au pair is helping to take care of the children in the host family. In addition au pairs help with everyday household tasks such as setting the table for dinner, emptying the dishwasher or occasionally helping to take care of a family pet.

Au-pair doing housework with a kid

An au pair is an additional member of the family and should never be viewed simply as a housekeeper, gardener or language teacher. Au pairs are temporary family members.

In return for the help that au pairs give to families they receive pocket money as well as free room and board. The working time of the au pair should not exceed the prescribed time of the respective host country. 

The main responsibility of au pairs is to help taking care of the host family's children. In addition to this, au pairs also help out with light housework. All their responsibilities form part of their daily schedule.

Our tips:

  • Each task should be discussed together beforehand and written down in the au pair contract in order to prevent possible misunderstandings.
  • It would also be advisable to set all the au pair's tasks in a schedule.