How to use AuPairWorld

How does it work to search for a host family or an au pair at AuPairWorld? Read our step-by-step instructions and find out how you can quickly find the right au pair or host family for you!

How AuPairWorld works - In just 3 minutes!

How AuPairWorld works

AuPairWorld: Step by Step

Create a profile
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1. Create a profile

Find out about the rules and conditions for au pairs and host families in our section Info Host Countries or take a look at our Au Pair Wiki.

  • Register for free as an au pair or host family.
  • Complete your profile with texts, photos references, video and enter your own personal search criteria.
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2. Search

  • View matching profiles displayed in your personal EasyFind. These search results are based on the search criteria defined during your registration.
  • You can modify your criteria any time to see more or fewer matches.
Make contact
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3. Make contact

  • To show interest in au pairs or families, you can first show your interest with Icebreakers and then send messages back and forth.
  • Host families need to become Premium Members to exchange messages directly with au pairs.
  • Discuss your mutual expectations for an au pair stay via Skype, email or telephone and clarify all the important details, such as au pair tasks, working hours, pocket money or holidays.

Take your time to get to know your au pair or host family!

Sign an au pair contract
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4. Sign an au pair contract

  • Once an au pair and a family agree on all the details of an upcoming stay, these points should be set down in the au pair contract which both parties sign. This way everyone is clear about their rights and obligations.
  • It is also essential that the au pair is covered by an au pair insurance during the whole au pair stay. 
Prepare for the au pair stay
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5. Prepare for the au pair stay

  • If the au pair needs a visa, then the host family and au pair need to prepare all the necessary documents.
  • Organise the arrival of the au pair. Exchange information about the date of arrival, flight or train number and make arrangements for meeting the au pair.