Language Skills

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An au pair needs basic knowledge of the language spoken in the host country. In some situations, this may also be necessary to obtain the required visa or work permit from the authorities. It also is an important prerequisite for successful communication between the au pair and the host family and for beginning the general process of integration in the host country. 

The au pair should at a minimum, be able to answer simple questions and make himself/herself understood in a simple way.

Please note: Even if you, as the host family, speak the au pair's language or you are able to communicate with the au pair in a third language, this will not be sufficient. The au pair looks after children. If during your absence an accident occurs, the au pair should be able to call for help. You cannot assume that people on an emergency services telephone line can speak or understand the native language of the au pair.

For further information regarding safety aspects of an au pair stay is available in our Safety and security section.