Changing au pairs: How to find a new au pair

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Families change au pairs either because the planned au pair stay has come to an end and they want to continue with a new au pair or there have been problems with the current stay and the family decides it would be better to continue with a different au pair. 

Parents searching online for an Au-pair. Kids are playing.

Reasons to change au pairs

Au pair stays are by definition a temporary arrangement, so the family will periodically have to change au pairs if they want to keep enjoying the experience. Apart from that, sometimes families change au pairs due to more problematic reasons. For example, if the parents or the kids do not get along with the au pair, if expectations regarding the stay do not match or there are other disagreements.

How to change au pairs?

If the family wants to terminate the au pair contract early, they should inform their current au pair as soon as possible. Remember that there is a notice period outlined in the au pair contractThe notice period is usually two weeks. During this time, the au pair should keep taking care of the family's children and the family should pay the au pair the stipulated pocket money.

When the au pair contract has been terminated, both parties should help each other with the next steps. Even if you are not happy with your current au pair, you should help her/him to find a new family and vice versa.  If the au pair has entered the host country on a visa, the relevant authorities need to be contacted to ensure that the au pair can stay legally in the host country. If the au pair wants to go back home, the family should help as well in finding a suitable flight.

More information is available at our help center on how to proceed when changing au pairs.

Tips to avoid having to change au pairs

Talking really helps to avoid the conflict situations that may make it seem necessary to change au pairs. Many problems and misunderstandings can be avoided if host families and au pairs talk things over right from the start. Often host families are not used to deal with young adults. That's why learning how to communicate with your au pair is a key part of a successful au pair stay.

It also helps being informed in advance about possible au pair conflicts and how to solve them.