Summer au pair: Q&A

How can I find an au pair for the summer months or a host family that is looking for a summer au pair? In which countries are summer au pairs most frequently needed by host families? Answers to these questions and more about summer au pairing here.

Is it possible to work as an au pair just for the summer months?

Yes, of course! A summer au pair stay is a popular and excellent way to get a taste of what au pairing is like. Many host families use our website to search for au pairs who can help look after their children in the summer months.

In which countries do families particularly make use of summer au pairs?

Summer au pairs are most sought after by families in countries where children have longer summer holidays (2-3 months). For example in France, Italy, Spain, as well as in Germany and Ireland. As host countries often have different holiday periods to your home country, try to be as flexible as possible and don't limit your stay to coincide exactly with your home country's holiday period.

*For au pairs in France with the "stagiaire aide familial étranger" status, the au pair stay must be a minimum of three months.

How can I use AuPairWorld to find summer au pairs or host families, who are looking for a summer au pair?

It is is not possible to specifically search for a "Summer au pair" or "Summer host family" on our website. However, using your EasyFind you can set your search criteria so you'll find all au pairs or host families who are looking tomatch for the summer period. This includes your entries for your start date and the duration of your stay. Therefore when submitting your search criteria, make sure to specify the duration of your stay as 1 to 3 months, and always keep your start date and choice of countries up-to-date. Many users also write in their profile texts that they are specifically searching for an au pair or host family for the summer.

Fundamentally your search doesn't differ from the usual search to work as an au pair. If you need a visa for your host country, you'll need to start looking about 6 months beforehand. If you are an au pair from the EU, travelling to another EU country, you'll need about 3 months. However even in May, many summer au pairs still manage to find suitable host families.

I would like to improve my English during the summer holidays. Which countries could be good for this?

In European countries the need for summer au pairs is relatively high. Of course, the classic countries to look at for improving your English are Great Britain and Ireland, but families there can be in high demand. Therefore it's worth considering alternatives. Fluent English is also spoken by the majority of the population in the Netherlands and in Scandinavia. You could improve your English in these countries and at the same time increase your chances of finding a suitable host family.

For au pairs thinking about a longer journey, New Zealand and Australia are also options. But you should keep in mind that you can only apply once in your life for the Working Holiday visa used to arrange such stays. So think carefully if it's the right choice for an au pair stay that will only be for a couple of months.

In some countries there are regulations that stipulate a minimum au pair stay of 3 months. How can I manage to go to these countries legally as an au pair?

If you want to go to an EU or EFTA country as an au pair and are a citizen of the EU or EFTA yourself, you have the right of free movement, which permits every EU or EFTA citizen to live and work in another EU or EFTA state. However to be on the safe side, always have a look at the regulations for au pairing in your chosen host country, as different countries may have specific regulations for au pairs. n some countries like in the USA, there is definitely not a summer au pair programme. The corresponding J1-Visa for an au pair stay in the USA is based on a minimum stay of 12 months and can only be applied for once in a lifetime (another reason to plan a longer stay than a summer au pair experience for the USA).

Do summer au pairs receive the same pocket money as normal au pairs?

Au pairs, whether staying with the host family for just the summer or a longer period of time, are entilted to the equal amounts of pocket money and free board and lodging, regardless of whether they are looking after children in the family home or whilst on holiday with the family in a hotel.

I'd like to go to Malta for just one month as an an au pair? Is that possible?

Of course, a short au pair stay on Malta is possible. However, if you see in our quick search or after your registration that only a few host families are available there for a summer au pair stay, then we suggest you expand your search to other host countries or perhaps extend the planned length of your stay somewhat.