Au pairing requirements: Questions and answers

What requirements must au pairs and host families fulfill in order to take part in an au pair stay? You'll find the answers here.


>Which are the requirements au pairs must comply with?

Young persons aged 18-30 can become au pairs. They should not be married, nor have any children. Every person wishing to work as an au pair should enjoy caring for children and getting to know a new culture and language. Au pairs should have a basic knowledge of the official language spoken in their host countries. It is also important that they can afford thetravel costs involved, as they are usually expected to bear these costs themselves.  

Some of the requirements au pairs must meet vary according to the relevant host country. In our section Infos host countries, au pairs can easily find out if they meet all necessary requirements.

What are the requirements host families must fulfill?

Any family with at least one child aged 16 or younger living in the same household may host an au pair. The same applies for single-parent families. A host family should provide an extra room for the au pair and also have sufficient financial resources to cover costs for pocket money, free board and lodging, as well as necessary insurances. The host family will treat their au pair like a family member for the period of the au pairs tay and accept the au pair's help with childcare and light household tasks. Furthermore, the family should be interested in an intercultural exchange and in helping their au pair improve his or her skills in the language of the host country. For this purpose, the au pair is given the opportunity to participate in a language course during the au pair stay. The family should speak the official language of the host country at home. This is typically not the first language of the au pair. The host family should be open-minded with regard to the au pair's cultural background and allow their au pair to practice his or her religion.

Further requirements for host families vary according to the relevant host country. Host families should consult our section Infos host countries and find out if they meet all necessary requirements.  

Can I choose my own country as my host country?

We do not accept registrations from users who want to be an au pair in their own countries, because as part of our Basic idea of au pairing the aim of the au pair stay is to get to know another culture and language. In some countries, the government also doesn't allow au pairs to work in their own country.