Termination of the au pair contract: How to handle

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Au pairs and host families can terminate the au pair contract at any time by writing an informal letter to the other party, provided they honor the specified period of notice.

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Before you terminate an au pair contract

Many conflicts between host families and au pairs can be resolved through an open and frank discussion of the situation. Ending an au pair stay before the planned end of the stay should only be seen as a last resort.

Period of notice for terminating an au pair contract

Au pairs and host families must adhere to the notice period specified in the contract, which in most countries is two weeks. In serious circumstances, the au pair contract can be terminated with immediate effect.

If the au pair and host family haven't signed a contract, they should still agree on a fair notice period, which gives each party adequate time to manage the situation. Telling the family today that you are leaving tomorrow or casting your au pair out from one day to the next is not an acceptable solution.

What needs to be considered when terminating the au pair contract?

Both au pair and host family should organise all of the subsequent steps together. All of the relevant authorities should be informed of the early termination of the au pair contract. This is especially important for those au pairs who are subject to visa requirements. You also need to clarify under what conditions the au pair may continue to stay in the country. The au pair may be able to change host families. Au pairs from EU countries are generally allowed to stay within the EU after the termination of their au pair contract.

Templates for letters of notice to terminate the au pair contract

English Letter for au pairs Letter for host families
German Letter for au pairs Letter for host families
French Letter for au pairs Letter for host families
Spanish Letter for au pairs Letter for host families
Italian Letter for au pairs Letter for host families