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What exactly is an au pair?

An au pair is a young person between the ages of 18 and 30, single and without children, who travels to a foreign country for a defined period of time to live with a host family.

As an au pair you take on a role as a member of the family and help your host family with childcare and light housework. In return, your receive free room and board plus pocket money.


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  • Au-pair Noa aus den Niederlanden

    "I found the perfect host family for myself on AuPairWorld. It's so much fun on this website and also much simpler to find a host family that fits. The site is not only very useful, it also has lots and lots of information."
    Au-pair Noa from the Netherlands

  • Au-pair Tabea aus Deutschland

    Thanks to your website I've been able to find a terrific family. Right now I'm in England enjoying my au pair year. The website is first-rate with all the different things it has to offer."
    Au pair Tabea from Germany

  • Au-pair Miguel aus Spanien

    The website is really trustworthy and that makes me feel secure. Thank you for your work."
    Au pair Miguel from Spain

  • Au-pair Lebone aus Südafrika

    "Very effective. I love the website. It's secure and lets the families contact you and you contact the families. That's great! Please keep up the good work. And to all future au pairs: you won't regret using AuPairWorld!"
    Au pair Lebone from South Africa

  • Au-pair Mariona aus Frankreich

    "I just wanted to say thank-you to AuPairWorld - for the structure of the website which is very simple, the EasyFind function that works very well and is very important for finding a family that corresponds exactly to your criteria."
    Au pair Marion from France


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    AuPairWorld on Instagram

    In order to have the best experience possible while being abroad, you must be open to trying new things and step out of your comfort zone a little bit. The more open minded you are, the more fun you will have! 
I came to Madrid eager for adventures and new things and I will be leaving with the best experience of my life. 
Every time someone offers you a type of food that you have never heard of or food that you don’t like, try it anyways, because chances are that you’ll love it!
Every time someone asks you if you would like to hangout, say yes!!! Every time you hear of an opportunity to visit a new city or a new excursion, do it!
This is the time for you to explore and be a person with new interests. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and adventuresome.
#aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #chicago #stockholm#sunnyaupairlife #usainspain #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #usa  #spain #aupairgrammers #aupairinspainThe most lovely things about living in another country are the places you’ll see and the lifelong friends you will meet. 
I have all weekends free, so I try to explore as much as I can! Here in Spain, it is so easy to travel around to different cities. I visit some of the cities by bus, train, and blablacar. In just 3 1/2 months in Madrid, I have visited Alicante, Valencia, Aranjuez, Segovia, Pedraza, Toledo, Córdoba, Bilbao, and Gatika which are all cities in Spain. I also travelled to Ireland! I travelled to a few of these places with my host family and a few of them with my friends. @taylorwellsss
#aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #chicago #stockholm#sunnyaupairlife #usainspain #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #usa  #spaim #aupairgrammers #aupairinspainThis is my last week in Spain, and I have to say goodbye to some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I was originally so nervous to come to Madrid because I feared being lonely and thought it would be difficult to make friends. I was so wrong. It is even easier to make friends when you are abroad, because everyone is in the same spot as you. Everyone is eager to meet new friends! I found that the easiest way for me to make friends was reaching out to people on Facebook through Au Pair group chats and talking to people in my language class. Making friends should be the least of your worries! The people you will meet on your journey will make your experience abroad nothing less than amazing. Cherish the time you have!

#aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #chicago #stockholm#sunnyaupairlife #usainspain #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #usa  #spaim #aupairgrammers #aupairinspainOne of my favorite things about being an Au Pair, is the bond you are able to create with the family. I love being able to teach and exchange traditions. While being an American girl in a Spanish host family, there are so many differences but that is exactly what makes the experience so fun.
One of my favorite things was teaching my kid how to play baseball! Baseball is a popular sport in the United States, and my parents back at home in California own a baseball store so I knew the perfect idea was to teach my kid how to play. Before I came to Spain, I bought baseball gloves for both me and Marcos along with a few baseballs. I remember first showing Marcos the glove I brought him, and his face filled with joy. When it was still warm outside, we would ride our scooters to the park every day and play catch. Not only was this a good way to show my kid something that reminded me of home, but it was a great way to connect and have fun.
One of the things I’m most grateful for my host family teaching me is, Spanish. When I first arrived in Spain, my host family tried to talk to me mostly in English, but I thought to myself “Since I’m in Spain trying to learn Spanish, why don’t I have them speak to me in Spanish?” Now they talk in Spanish most of the time and are very slow and patient with me because they are trying to help me learn the language.
Remember, I love talking to new people, so if you have any questions or want to hear more about being an Au Pair then please message me! I will be sharing advice and stories everyday throughout this week.

#aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #chicago #stockholm#sunnyaupairlife #usainspain #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #usa  #spaim #aupairgrammers #aupairinspainHello people of Instagram and my fellow Au Pairs who are reading this! My name is Taylor and I’m so eager to share my stories and experiences about being an Au pair in Spain. After graduating from high school, I had enrolled in a full load of classes at a local university near my home in California. Less than a month later, I switched all of my classes to online classes and I bought my plane ticket to Madrid. It was a spontaneous and in the moment decision, and to this day I don’t regret it at all! I decided it was the perfect time for me to explore more of this beautiful world and being an Au Pair was the perfect opportunity for me because I absolutely love kids! As an 18 year old from the United States, this was such a big step for me. The thought of moving to Europe for a period of time without my family or friends was very nerve racking but it has been the most amazing experience of my life.
As I am nearing my last week out of the last three months in Spain, this is the perfect way for me to reflect on everything I have done in this short amount of time.
I love talking to new people, so if you have any questions or wanted to hear more about being an Au Pair then please message me! I will be sharing advice and stories everyday throughout this week.@taylorwellsss #aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #california #madrid #sunnyaupairlife #usainspain #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #usa  #spain #aupairgrammers #aupairinspainNew week, new takeover!
This week presents @taylorwellsss her au pair experience. She is from California 🇺🇸 and is currently in Madrid 🇪🇸. „Most weekends I travel around to different parts of Spain. Becoming an Au Pair was one of the best decisions I have ever made!“ #aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #california #madrid #sunnyaupairlife #usainspain #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #usa  #spain #aupairgrammers #aupairinspainBecoming an au pair wasn’t a small decision for me, in fact it seemed crazy to just pick up and “join a new family” but it turned out to be a fantastic decision. I’m lucky to have a host family that happens to be a perfect match and kids that I really enjoy working with. They care about me and make me feel like an adopted family member everyday. My days are spent with three children under five years old laughing and running around, while my nights are can be full of political debates, funny banter, career discussions and advice from my host parents. (Not to mention the weekends I spend with new friends exploring this country)

Our next move is taking our family of 6ish to New York City for the next month.  I’m really excited to see what the future holds and feel really lucky my to have this experience.

If you’re at all considering becoming an au pair, do it, but make sure it’s something you’re ready for and are passionate about. Then all things will fall into place. If you have any further questions, just want to chat, or are interested in any of my photos please feel free to DM me. 
It’s been my pleasure connecting with you all through Instagram this week. 

#aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #chicago #stockholm#sunnyaupairlife #usainsweden #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #aupairsweden #usa  #sweden #aupairgrammers #aupairinswedenA lot of you have asked me about my life outside the kids, so let’s chat! Of course every experience is what you make of it. When you move to a new place you have to take some initiative to explore, try new things, get lost, and meet new people. I’ve heard au pairs say they can find it difficult to meet people abroad, but that all depends on the person. 
There are a few recommendations I have that have helped me call this place my second home. I joined a gym, took a Swedish language course, went to a free language cafe in town, found facebook groups, went to the library, took free tours, attended local concerts, went to museums, etc.

Part of being an au pair is having time to grow and learn about yourself, because you do get a lot of free time working 25-30 hours a week. Step outside your comfort zone, try new things, meet new people, even when it can feel weird to be alone at times, those are the best times. Read a book, sit at a cafe alone, go to a movie, etc.

An awesome perk of the job is having a flexible schedule. Take advantage of it and travel! Here are some photos of my adventures!
#aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #chicago #stockholm#sunnyaupairlife #usainsweden #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #aupairsweden #usa  #sweden #aupairgrammers #aupairgram