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Would you like to live in a foreign country? Learn the local language and experience the culture of the country directly in a host family? Make friends from around the world and at the same time do something great for your CV? Then why not become an au pair?


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What exactly is an au pair?

An au pair is a young person between the ages of 18 and 30, single and without children, who travels to a foreign country for a defined period of time to live with a host family.

As an au pair you take on a role as a member of the family and help your host family with childcare and light housework. In return, your receive free room and board plus pocket money.

Interested? You can register for free and then find profiles from lots of host families who fit exactly with your search criteria in your personal "EasyFind" search tool . The AuPairWorld Messaging System lets you contact these families directly and get to know them to select the family that's right for you. 

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Don't see your favourite country? Then take a look at the full range of available host countries o check in which country you actually can become an au pair with our Country Check!

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Here's what other au pairs say about AuPairWorld

  • Au-pair Noa aus den Niederlanden

    "I found the perfect host family for myself on AuPairWorld. It's so much fun on this website and also much simpler to find a host family that fits. The site is not only very useful, it also has lots and lots of information."
    Au-pair Noa from the Netherlands

  • Au-pair Tabea aus Deutschland

    Thanks to your website I've been able to find a terrific family. Right now I'm in England enjoying my au pair year. The website is first-rate with all the different things it has to offer."
    Au pair Tabea from Germany

  • Au-pair Miguel aus Spanien

    The website is really trustworthy and that makes me feel secure. Thank you for your work."
    Au pair Miguel from Spain

  • Au-pair Lebone aus Südafrika

    "Very effective. I love the website. It's secure and lets the families contact you and you contact the families. That's great! Please keep up the good work. And to all future au pairs: you won't regret using AuPairWorld!"
    Au pair Lebone from South Africa

  • Au-pair Mariona aus Frankreich

    "I just wanted to say thank-you to AuPairWorld - for the structure of the website which is very simple, the EasyFind function that works very well and is very important for finding a family that corresponds exactly to your criteria."
    Au pair Marion from France


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