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Would you like to live in a foreign country? Learn the local language and experience the culture of the country directly in a host family? Make friends from around the world and at the same time do something great for your CV? Then why not become an au pair?


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What exactly is an au pair?

An au pair is a young person between the ages of 18 and 30, single and without children, who travels to a foreign country for a defined period of time to live with a host family.

As an au pair you take on a role as a member of the family and help your host family with childcare and light housework. In return, your receive free room and board plus pocket money.


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Sarah with hostkid

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Here's what other au pairs say about AuPairWorld

  • Au-pair Noa aus den Niederlanden

    "I found the perfect host family for myself on AuPairWorld. It's so much fun on this website and also much simpler to find a host family that fits. The site is not only very useful, it also has lots and lots of information."
    Au-pair Noa from the Netherlands

  • Au-pair Tabea aus Deutschland

    Thanks to your website I've been able to find a terrific family. Right now I'm in England enjoying my au pair year. The website is first-rate with all the different things it has to offer."
    Au pair Tabea from Germany

  • Au-pair Miguel aus Spanien

    The website is really trustworthy and that makes me feel secure. Thank you for your work."
    Au pair Miguel from Spain

  • Au-pair Lebone aus Südafrika

    "Very effective. I love the website. It's secure and lets the families contact you and you contact the families. That's great! Please keep up the good work. And to all future au pairs: you won't regret using AuPairWorld!"
    Au pair Lebone from South Africa

  • Au-pair Mariona aus Frankreich

    "I just wanted to say thank-you to AuPairWorld - for the structure of the website which is very simple, the EasyFind function that works very well and is very important for finding a family that corresponds exactly to your criteria."
    Au pair Marion from France


    Interested in detailed reports from au pairs and host families about their au pairing experiences? Take a look at our section Au Pair Stories!


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I became an au pair because I love to travel and I wanted a secure job & place to live while I was going from country to country. It was without a doubt the most amazing thing I have ever done. I’m grateful everyday for the opportunities I have had and the families I’ve had the pleasure of living with. I’m so excited to continue on this amazing adventure in Canada and maybe even do it all over again next year in a different country. If you’re thinking about becoming an au pair do it! It’s something you won’t regret.
Today marks the final day of my take over, I hope I’ve managed to answer any questions or concerns you’ve had and I’m
happy to continue helping anyone that needs it. You can follow my journey on my personal Instagram @kennedydon_. Thank you so much, happy new year ❤️😋 #aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #greatbritain #sunnyaupairlife #englandincanada #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #aupaircanada #canada  #england #aupairgrammers #aupairgramCANADA🇨🇦❄️
This is my new home, I have only been here 3 weeks but I am already loving every second. I was granted my Canadian working holiday visa and then started looking for a host family, i matched with my family through au pair world back in August, we chatted online and FaceTimed pretty soon after. I asked lots of questions about the family and the area I would be living in and they were great at giving me all the information I needed. I then agreed to become their next au pair and started to prepare for life in the snow. I look after 2 children, both school age so my main responsibilities are getting them to and from school. I haven’t been here long but now, 3 weeks in I am already completely confident with my schedule and what is expected of me daily, I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know my family and enjoying everything the area has to offer, I have also managed to make a few really great friends. So far Canada is everything I expected it to be and more, I’m so excited for the rest of the year! Don’t forget, if you have any questions or need any advise you can message me and I’ll help you as much as I can! 🤗
@kennedydon_  #aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #greatbritain #sunnyaupairlife #englandincanada #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #aupaircanada #canada  #england #aupairgrammers #aupairgramWHAT TO EXPECT AS AN AUPAIR🌏🤗
The hardest part, leaving your family and friends at home and starting all over again. It is so normal to feel nervous/anxious but just remember your host family feel the same, they are also welcoming a new person into their home. The first few days are always strange, you’re in a new country, surrounded by new people and most properly jet lagged. It’s okay to not feel yourself and maybe a little strange at first but my best advise would be DON’T hide in your room and call home. Embrace the change, chat with your host parents, play with the kids, go out and explore do something that will make you feel better and get excited about your new adventure.Every family is different but typically you will get a few days to adjust and settle in, you’ll be shown around the house and your host parents will start to go through your schedule. Ask lots of questions, if you don’t understand something it’s so important to ask, no one is judging. Host parents would rather you ask 100 questions and be confident. The kids might be shy at first, remember they might be missing there previous au pair or they are just getting used to you, be open and friendly and within days you’ll get on just fine. At the end of each day talk about how things went with the family, if it was good let them know or if something isn’t working they cannot help unless they know. If you have any specific questions about your first few weeks let me know! 😋
#aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #greatbritain #sunnyaupairlife #englandincanada #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #aupaircanada #canada  #england #aupairgrammers #aupairgramAUSTRALIA 🇦🇺🌞 This was the first country I moved to and my first time becoming an au pair. I know a lot of people choose to au pair to help improve their English skills or learn a different language but for me I just wanted to live a completely different life style. 
After finding my host families profile on au pair world we FaceTimed and messaged through Facebook a few times and I just instantly knew this was the family for me. I would be looking after 4 children, things would be hectic but it just felt right.So off I flew 26 hours to the other side of the world. I was nervous, excited, sad, happy everything you could imaging feeling moving to a different country. I was greeted at the airport by my host mum and kids and we just clicked straight away. The first few days are always a lot to take in but I did everything I could to get to know the kids and my host parents and the area I had moved to. I quickly started making other au pair friends and with in the first 3/4 weeks I was confident in my new role as an au pair and loving every second of my new ‘job’. These 4 kids very quickly became my best friends and my bond with my host mum was incredible. Work didn’t feel like work, I just fell in love with my new life and everyone in it. I left Adelaide in 2017 but have already been back to visit and we have kept in contact almost daily since I left. They are not my ‘host family’ any more they are just family. ❤️ @kennedydon_
#aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #greatbritain #sunnyaupairlife #englandincanada #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #aupaircanada #canada  #england #aupairgrammers #aupairgramHey! 🌻 My name is Kennedy and I’m super excited to share my au pair adventure with you and hopefully inspire someone else to start on this amazing journey. 
I’m 23, from England, I’ve been an au pair since 2016 and have traveled all over the world including Australia, America and I am currently living in Canada. 
When I was younger I always loved the idea of traveling to Australia but was never sure how I would afford it or where I would stay so I started doing some research and I came across Au Pair World. I then made a profile, matched with a family and with in 5 months I had a one way flight to Adelaide booked. At the time I had only planned to travel for 1 year but now here we are 3 years later and I’m still loving every second. During my take over I will go into detail about au pair life, schedules, the different experiences I’ve had in different countries and how easy it is to start! If you have any questions at all let me know, I’d love to help you out 💛
#aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairlove #greatbritain #sunnyaupairlife #englandincanada #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #aupaircanada #canada  #england #aupairgrammers #aupairgramHappy new year guys! 🎉
This week the takeovers return.
Kennedy from 🇬🇧 shows and describes her au pair impressions in 🇨🇦. Be curious about beautiful pictures and interesting stories!
#aupair #aupairing #aupairlife #aupairdaily #aupairworld #aupairincanada #sunnyaupairlife #englandincanada #takeover #takeovertime #travel #instatravel #aupairs #abroad #aupairlifestyle #travels #travelling #traveler #aupairabroad #aupaincanadav #aupairfromengland #canada #greatbritain #aupairgrammers #aupairgramWelcome #2019! We @AuPairWorld wish you a great start in the new year! #aupairworld #newyear #happynewyear #bestwishes #aupair #family #holiday​  #aupairgrammers #aupairing #aupair2019 #aupairyear ©Photo by Nordwood Themes on UnsplashThe whole team @AuPairWorld wishes you a merry and enjoyful #Christmas!

#aupairworld #aupair #hostfamily #xmas #holiday #family #christmastime #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear #aupairlife #aupairing #aupairgrammers #christmas2018 #thankyou #merrychristmas ©Photo by Tom Rickhuss on Unsplash