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5 steps for a perfect au pair stay

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These 5 steps will help you be sure to get the most out of your au pair stay and get you ready for all the special experiences that come when you take time off in a gap year and head to a foreign country as an au pair. 

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Can our family host an au pair during the pandemic?

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Clear communication and common sense cooperation make it possible for both you and your au pair to get great benefits from a shared au pair stay - despite the pandemic.

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How to search for a host family in coronavirus times

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AuPairWorld has changed some platform functionalities in the last months to help au pairs and families search and match during the pandemic. Here are some things you can do to optimise your own search and find a host family more quickly and effectively.

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How to search for an au pair in coronavirus times

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In addition to the new search filter for in-country au pairs that AuPairWorld implemented last year, there are other useful tricks to optimise your search for an au pair in corona times.

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Au pair in the UK: The new post-Brexit situation in 2021

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With the start of 2021, young people from EU countries are no longer able to travel freely to the UK for an au pair stay. They will be subject to the same conditions as young people from other countries. Here is the latest available information on options available to UK host families and young people interested in au pairing in Great Britain.

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7 inside tips for a successful au pair search

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You want to find the perfect au pair for your family, but are uncertain how to use all the tools and resources that AuPairWorld provides? Our Customer Service team has put together a list of inside tips to help you get the best results right from the start.

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6 mistakes au pairs make with their profiles (and how to avoid them)

Young woman typing on a laptop and registering as an au pair

The first step to finding the right host family is the profile you create at AuPairWorld. Sometimes mistakes in your profile can make it harder to find a family and even have a negative effect on your au pair stay. Here are 6 common mistakes you should be sure to avoid!

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How to maintain your language skills after your au pair stay

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A big reason to go abroad is to acquire new language skills. But how can you keep those skills once you're back? Here are 6 great tips from blogger Nicole D. Garrison.

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How to spend your Christmas as an au pair

Reading a book with kids at Christmastime

Christmas is just around the corner and you're not quite sure what you want to do? Should you celebrate as usual with your family at home? Or would you rather stay in your host country? We have a few ideas for you.

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Au pairing and the home office revolution

Father and Daughter working at a desk at home

Working from home has increased dramatically during the pandemic. For many families, having an au pair is a key part of making their new home office arrangements possible – and successful!

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