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Falling in love abroad as an au pair

Close-up on the feet of a young couple as they embrace.

For just about every au pair, going out into the big world is a time of great excitement: living in a new country, learning a new language, diving deeper into a new culture, creating connections with a new family… and why not finding a new love?

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7 pro tips for a successful au pair search

Hands in the air

You want to find the perfect au pair for your family, but are uncertain how to use all the tools and resources that AuPairWorld provides? We can help you.

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Au pairing for your family: 5 reasons

Au pair with child in a tent

Still not convinced about hosting an au pair? Here are 5 reasons how sharing your home with a young person from abroad is a great way to make the most of family life.

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Which host country should I choose for my au pair stay?

A group of young people point to a water ball globe

Are you unsure which host country would be best for you? Here are some tips to help you with your choice!

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Holiday giving: Three charities receive support from AuPairWorld at Christmastime

A pink piggy bank

Once again AuPairWorld is pleased to be able to share its resources and support others in need in the holiday season - both close to home and in the world at large.

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Language barrier: How to overcome it and get the most from your au pair stay

Girl with a book

Former au pair and current AuPairWorld trainee Silvia takes a close look at the classic au pairing challenge of learning a new language and gives super useful advice on how to turn this "problem" into a great opportunity.

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How to spend your Christmas as an au pair

Reading a book with kids at Christmastime

Christmas is just around the corner and you're not quite sure what you want to do? Should you celebrate as usual with your family at home? Or would you rather stay in your host country? There are lots of great options and we have a few ideas to share with you. 

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Discovering the world (and myself) in my summer break

Looking for a destination

Abby Egnatz explains how as an American student she makes the most of her summer breaks from university by pursuing new experiences as an au pair in Europe.

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Being a better mother - with the help of an au pair

Mom working at home with her kids

Mother of two, Catherine Miller, explains how hosting an au pair has made it possible to manage the demands of work and family life so that everyone benefits, herself included.

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Multigenerational living with an au pair

Three generations in the kitchen together

Inviting an au pair into your home gives you the diversity of 3 generations living under one roof. Host mother Catherine Miller looks at the benefits of multigenerational living that au pairing delivers to everyone involved - parents, kids, and the au pair in the middle. 

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