Schedule for au pairs

(Also to be found with keywords Au pair schedule, Schedule, Timetable and Work schedule)

A schedule helps organise the au pair's working hours and free time throughout the entire placement period. With a clear and detailed schedule, au pairs always know when they are needed by their host families and when they can have some time for themselves.

The schedule should include all of the au pair's duties and appointments, no matter if they occur on a regular basis or not; for instance, if the au pair is expected to take the children to school or prepare their meals. Whenever the host family need their au pair for babysitting, it should be included in the schedule. The same applies if the au pair needs to take the children to their appointments.

The schedule provides a good overview of the au pair's working hours for both contracting parties, helping them to successfully organise their daily routines. The au pair can arrange his or her spare time and language course in accordance with the schedule. Likewise, the host family can arrange their appointments taking the au pair's schedule into account.

Our tip:

  • Au pairs and host families should agree upon duties and expectations prior to the au pair's arrival at the host family's home. This helps avoid problems and misunderstandings.

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