Au pair stay in the Netherlands

What are the requirements for an au pair stay in the Netherlands? Here au pairs and host families will find everything they need to know to get ready for an au pair stay in the Netherlands. Use these resources to research, plan and be perfectly prepared for a Dutch au pair stay.

Canal in Amsterdam

Tulips, windmills and lots of bicycling certainly are part of the Netherlands' charm. But that's not all that comes with an au pair stay in Holland. There's also the fascinating city of Amsterdam, attractive beaches and lots of attractive places to visit and sights to see. For host families in Holland, au pairing also has lots to offer: flexible childcare and culture exchange all in your own home – a clear win-win. 

Check all the requirements here:

For host families in the Netherlands:

To ensure full compliance with official Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) requirements and to arrange the best possible support for your au pair, we recommend our partner agency in the Netherlands - Au Pair International.

Grafik Au-pair

Requirements for au pairs

Here's what you need to be an au pair in the Netherlands:

  • You are between 18-25 years old.
  • You are unmarried and have no children.*
  • This is your first time going to the Netherlands as an au pair for cultural exchange.

*Non-European au pairs will have to submit evidence of their unmarried status.

You fulfil all the requirements? Terrific, then you can get started with the next steps right away. Use the information below to find out more about entry requirements and the specific conditions for an au pair stay in the Netherlands. 

You don't fulfil all the requirements? Then unfortunately you cannot be an au pair in the Netherlands. But don't give up. There are lots of other countries to consider. Check now in which countries you can become an au pair.




Grafik Familie

Requirements for host families

Here's what you need to be a host family in the Netherlands:

  • At least one child under the age of 18 lives in your household.
  • You can provide your au pair with a separate room.
  • You are prepared to welcome a young adult into your family treating them as an equal family member for a period of up to one year as part of a cultural exchange.
  • Someone is always available who can assume the responsibilities of your au pair if that should be necessary.
  • Your au pair will have sufficient time to take part in a language course. 
  • You have sufficient income to support your family and your au pair for theperiod of the au pair stay. 

You fulfil all the requirements? That's great, you can move ahead. You'll find au pairs that fit your criteria in your EasyFind. Does your au pair candidate also fulfil the requirements necessary for a stay in the Netherlands? 

You don't fulfil all the requirements? Then unfortunately you cannot use AuPairWorld for your search.


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