Childcare with an au pair

(Also to be found with keywords Childcare and Babysitting)

Helping to take care of the host family's children is the main responsibility of an au pair. This typically involve everyday tasks like playing with the children, helping with homework, bringing the kids to school and kindergarten, or preparing simple meals. 

Au-pair with hostkids playing with paperboats

In addition to these childcare duties, the au pair also assists the family with light housework. During the au pair stay, the host family children get to know the au pair's culture and language. However, au pairs should not be considered as specialised language teachers.

Depending on the age of the children, the au pair can also be asked to help them with tidying up their bedrooms. Washing the children's clothes and preparing simple meals are also part of the au pair job. In addition, the au pair may be asked to babysit once or twice a week. Babysitting, however, forms part of the working hours of the au pair.

Organising childcare with the help of an au pair

  1. The au pair and host family should discuss the au pair's duties together before the au pair placement starts. These duties together with other important aspects of the stay (e.g. working times, free days per week, babysitting evenings) should be specified in the au pair contract.
  2. The tasks and duties of the au pair can then be written down in a schedule.