FAQ: Safety and security with AuPairWorld

Safety is an important aspect for every au pair stay and has top priority at AuPairWorld. Here are frequently asked questions on safety and security.

  • Is AuPairWorld safe?

    At AuPairWorld it's very important to us that our website is always safe for our users. To make sure this is the case, we have developed various review and auditing routines that function automatically and also through manual steps performed by our employees. These include looking critically at the behaviour of our users, checking profiles and in some cases asking for proof of identity. You can find out about everything that AuPairWorld does for security in detail on our security pages.

  • How are au pairs and host families checked?

    Our members of staff continually check profile data in terms of completeness and plausibility. Furthermore, we ensure that every user holds only one active profile and respects the basic idea of au pairing. In some cases, we may ask for proofs of identity. Profiles which do not correspond to the basic idea of au pairing or do not meet our plausability criteria are refused. Profiles which have been inactive for a certain period of time are automatically deleted.

    By entering into direct contact (for example by phone, Skype, etc.), au pairs and host families can find out if they get along well with each other and if they meet mutual expectations. Users specify and agree upon all conditions of the au pair placement by their own initiative and together with their matching host family or au pair.

    AuPairWorld offers a great deal of useful information on the website on how to plan and manage an au pair stay. Thus, our users can download a model au pair contract from our site, for instance. The AuPairWorld Team is also always gladly at your disposal to offer live support, should you have any questions or should you be facing difficulties.

  • How do I know whether the au pairs and host families at AuPairWorld are real?

    Over the years, AuPairWorld has continually been developing security measures to ensure the quality and reliability of the profiles and data provided on our website. Checking profiles is one of aspect of this, and contrary to what you might think, many of these checks are done automatically by our systems. However, the biggest part is done manually by the AuPairWorld Team. Here you can read more about AuPairWorld's security measures.

    As an au pair or as a host family you can also take simple and easy steps to verify whether your contacts on the website are genuine or not.

    If you have any doubts about an au pair or a host family, stop the contact at once and then inform us. We will be glad to look into the matter for you and take further steps if necessary.


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