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About AuPairWorld
We bring au pairs and host families together

The world's leading au pair agency on the internet

As the foremost platform for au pairing, AuPairWorld lets au pairs and host families match with each other − simply, safely and directly. Without any extra intermediary.

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In operation since 1999 

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4 million+ customers

  • AuPairWorld vision


    Our vision as an au pair agency in the internet is that we live in an open, inclusive world created through the power of intergenerational cultural exchange.

  • Our mission


    Our mission is to enable many people from all over the world to experience a unique cultural exchange as an au pair and host family. To achieve this, we design an effective service that continuously simplifies and improves technical, organisational and structural processes.

    We do this because au pairing offers special benefits for young people, children and parents to develop their skills and resources through mutual sharing.

How the AuPairWorld platform works

How it works Step 1

AuPairWorld works on the basis of self-selection – a key advantage in comparison to traditional au pair agencies. Au pairs and host families register for free at www.aupairworld.com. Then they immediately get possible matches on the basis of their search criteria. 

How it works Step 2

To make personal contact, it is necessary for host families to have a Premium Membership on the platform. Au pairs use the platform's services for free. In direct exchange with each other, au pairs and families then choose who fits best as a match for an au pair stay.

How it works Step 3

When an au pair and host family have matched, they manage all the next steps (contract, country requirements, etc) directly with each other. To help with this, AuPairWorld provides extensive information on the website. Special questions are answered by our Support Team.

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What makes AuPairWorld special

  • Using our tried and tested matching algorithms, we suggest profiles that match our users' personal search criteria ("EasyFind").
  • We answer our users' questions in five different languages.
  • We make sure that our registered users abide by the au pair philosophy. 



Our history


  • 1997 - To begin with, a personal search

    In 1997/98, company founder Uwe Regenbogen was looking for an au pair for his family. After a disappointing contact with a traditional au pair agency, he had the idea that the internet could deliver better results and a larger selection of candidates. He was right in thinking this. Using then existing internet resources, he quickly found the first of what came to be 12 au pairs for his family.

  • 1999 - The free portal goes online

    Using his experience as a programmer, Uwe Regenbogen decided to develop a new portal for au pairs and host families. His goal was to create a website that gave both host families and au pairs the chance to find each other as quickly as possible  – without third-party intermediaries. At the end of 1999, www.aupair-world.net went online as a free portal. After a domain change in 2015, AuPairWorld is now found at www.aupairworld.com.

  • 2002 - Introduction of Premium Membership

    AuPairWorld has a relaunch and parts of the website require payment for use. The Premium Membership is launched.

  • 2004 - The AuPairWorld team grows

    The first employees are hired, and a multilingual customer support team is developed.

  • 2011 - One million users

    The one-millionth user registers on AuPairWorld. A new messaging systems makes it possible for users to exchange messages in a secure environment directly via AuPairWorld.

  • 2014 - AuPairWorld is named Hessen-Champion

    The two-millionth user registers on AuPairWorld. In its 15th year of doing business, AuPairWorld is named Hessen Champion in the category "World Market Leader" in connection with the Innovation and Growth Awards of the state of Hessen.

  • 2016 - First Au Pair Meeting in Frankfurt

    As of June 2016, AuPairWorld is an elite member of the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE).

    In September, nearly 100 au pairs come to AuPairWorld's first official Au Pair Meeting in Frankfurt.

  • 2017 - More than 3 million users

    AuPairWorld takes a company trip to Dublin, learns a lot about the Irish market and meets with host families and au pairs for an intensive exchange of ideas.

    The three-millionth user registers at AuPairWorld. The company offers thanks for the trust of all its users with a self-produced video: "When dreams come true".

  • 2019 - AuPairWorld celebrates its 20th anniversary

    AuPairWorld celebrates its 20th anniversary with a move into a new office building.

  • 2021 - 4 million users

     In June, the four-millionth user registers on the AuPairWorld website.

  • 2022 - New layout for the My AuPairWorld area

    In January 2022, the website moves to a new server environment to ensure the future viability of the platform, accompanied by a new layout for the MyAuPairWorld area.

Who are the people behind AuPairWorld?

It all began with company founder Uwe Regenbogen. He was searching for an au pair for his own family and wasn't satisfied with the services offered by a traditional au pair agency. There has to be a better way, he thought. And that was the start of AuPairWorld. In the meantime, AuPairWorld has a multinational team with employees in the areas of customer service, translation, marketing, web design and IT - working together to develop AuPairWorld further.

What our customers say

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“Au pairs are the greatest support for our family ever. I immensely value AuPairWorld for allowing us to find insanely awesome au pairs for 3 years already. THANK YOU!”

Philippa family from Great Britain

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Thank you very much for your detailed response which answers my query. There is no issue and I just would like to say that AuPairWorld is a wonderful service! I wish you and your team continued success.

Aoife Lucey family from Ireland

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