Pocket money: How much do au pairs earn?

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In exchange for the help offered to their host families, au pairs receive pocket money in addition to free board and lodging in the family home. The amount of pocket money depends on the host country and the number of working hours. In Australia, for example, au pairs typically receive 200 - 250 AUD per week.

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In some countries, the amount of pocket money is fixed by law, in others it is decided in mutual agreement by the host family and au pair.

Note: Au pairing is a form of cultural exchange. It is not a typical employment relationship. Therefore, in most host countries, au pairs do not have the official legal status of an employee. Instead, they are seen as temporary family members who receive some pocket money rather than a salary. Find out more by reading our basic idea of au pairing.

Au pair pocket money by country:

Australia200 - 250 AUD per week
Austria518,44 EUR gross per month
Belgium450 EUR per month
Canadaapprox. 330 CAD per week (depending on the regional minimum wage, see Info Canada for further info)
Denmark4.000 DKK per month
Finland280 EUR minimum per month after tax
Francebetween 311,25 € and 373,50 € per month (depending on the au pair's country of origin).
Germany280 EUR per month
Irelandminimum wage (please go to Info Ireland for further info) 
IcelandISK 10.000 per week
Italy250 - 300 EUR per month
Luxembourgapprox. 480 - 500 EUR per month
Netherlands300 EUR - 340 EUR maximum per month 
New Zealand220 - 300 NZD per week
Norway5.000 NOK per month
South Africa1.500 - 3.000 ZAR per month
Spain70 EUR minimum per week
Sweden5.250 SEK per month
Switzerland500 - 750 CHF net per month depending on the individual canton
United Kingdomminimum wage (please go to Info UK for further info)
USA195,75 USD minimum per week

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