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With the help of our tools on AuPairWorld, you can find just the right au pair or host family. Answers to all your questions about searching and finding an au pair or host family with AuPairWorld are presented here.


How do I find an au pair or a host family using AuPairWorld?

At AuPairWorld, au pairs and host families search on their own initiative for a matching au pair or host family that fits their wishes. For this purpose, you can register free of charge and create an individual profile. In the profile, you specify certain search criteria, for instance as an au pair, your preferred host country, your country of residence or the languages that you speak. On the basis of these search criteria, the AuPairWorld search management tool EasyFind automatically displays matching profiles. In addition, AuPairWorld informs all of its users of matching new registrations by sending an email message – the Daily Update – to your designated email address.

As soon as you have found an au pair or host family profile that interests you, you can get in touch with the other AuPairWorld user. To do this, you can start by sending a "hello" greeting to this user, expressing your interest. If the involved host family has a Premium Membership, the family and au pair can also immediately start exchanging messages.

In addition to these tools for finding a matching au pair or host family, AuPairWorld also provides its users with all kinds of useful information and tips concerning the ins and outs of the au pair stay – from legal regulations and requirements for au pairing in different countries, to suggestions for the successful management of au pair contracts, to ideas on how to choose the best au pair or host family. The AuPairWorld Support Team also gladly answers any further questions you may have by phone and email.

How do I know if the au pairs or host families that are displayed are still searching?

We only show profiles of au pairs and host families who have been active on the platform during the previous 14 days. In addition, only profiles that have a current or future start date for the au pair stay are shown. Profiles of au pairs or host families who have successfully completed their searches are typically deactivated by the au pairs or host families themselves or by the AuPairWorld team.

Should you notice that an au pair of host family in your search results is, in fact, not actively searching, please contact us. We appreciate our users' support in helping make AuPairWorld the most trusted online au pair agency.

How are search results sorted?

In your EasyFind, you have the possibility of sorting your search results according to date of registration or last login. In the open search available under "Find an au pair" and "Find a family ", profiles are displayed according to last login. This way, every au pair or host familiy has the chance to be at the top of the list if they regularly log in.

How can I make it so that my search gives me more exact results?

You need to be aware that the search results that you get in the general search function (Find an au pair, Find a host family) gives a general overview of au pairs and host families registered on AuPairWorld. These profiles do not necessarily fit to your detailed search criteria and preferences.

To receive more exact search results, you should use the EasyFind search tool available for all registered users. With this tool, our system selects the profiles that agree most closely to your personal search criteria and preferences specified in your profile. Searching with EasyFind is therefore the simplest way for you to find an au pair or host family that really fits for you.

Sometimes one finds an au pair or host family very quickly and sometimes it takes longer. A look at our statistics shows that most host families register at AuPairWorld between 1-4 months prior to the desired start date of the au pair stay.  As an au pair, you should not only orient yourself on the basis of your own wishes for a particular start date but also adjust to the needs of your host family. If you begin the process six months prior to the desired start date, you have the best chances of finding a suitable host family or au pair.

How do I find the right host family?

To ensure that your au pair stay will be a positive and memorable experience, it is important that you feel comfortable with your host family. Our tips will help you find the right family:

  • It is important that you get to know a potential host family as well as possible in advance. That means: Ask the family everything that you would like to know. Talk with them about all the important points that are relevant for your stay. Find out if they have the same expectations for the stay as you do. Our list of questions will help with this.
  • Have you gotten to know all of the family members? Ask the family how they like to spend their free time, what hobbies they have and what the interests of their children are. If the children are old enough, you can also perhaps talk with them on the telephone or with Skype.
  • If your planned host country is not so far from where you live, you could also consider going to visit your planned host family in advance. That way you can see how the family lives and what it's like in their regular surroundings. By getting to know each other personally, you will find out more easily if you get along well with each other and if you are a good match.
  • You can also ask your family and friends for their opinion. They know you best and should be able to help you make the right choice.

With these tips you should be able to feel comfortable about choosing your host family. Naturally, you can never be completely certain in advance that everything will work out the way you expect. However, if necessary, you can always change families and then have a great stay with a different host family.

Video with tips on how to find the right host family for you

How to find the right host family at AuPairWorld with Graham

My favourite family isn't answering - what now?

If you are waiting for an answer from a certain family, you should not delay with other families. They might be in the same position with you and be waiting for your answer.

Depending on how popular a given host country is, a host family may be receiving a lot of applications from au pairs. If you have already received positive responses from some host families, this is the first step. The second step is to find out whether you and the family really fit well together and whether both sides can imagine living together. This cannot be decided simply on the basis of the profile alone. It depends on personal contact and more detailed exchange with each other.

Here are some tips for fair communication during the search process:

  • Please always answer all messages you receive.
  • If you get a positive answer from a host family, it's your turn to respond: send the family a few personal lines.
  • If you are not sure yet if a family is the right one for you, then tell them this openly. And for sure take the chance to get to know the family better before making a final decision - best in a phone call or a video meeting.
  • Also, be honest if you're simply not interested in a particular family. If the chemistry isn't right, you should say so in a clear and friendly way. That way, everyone knows where they stand and can continue searching for the right partner.

An au pair is not answering my messages. What should I do?

Of course it is annoying when you send a message to an au pair and do not receive a response back from them. In such cases, we suggest that you write once more in a friendly way to remind the au pair about your pending message and set a deadline of two or thee days for hearing back from them. If the au pair does not answer within the deadline that you have proposed, then you should view this in effect as a negative response from this au pair and move on with your search.

In such a case, it is likely that the au pair has made other plans (with another host family or for some other educational option) and is no longer searching actively on our platform.

When such an au pair has not logged onto the AuPairWorld system for two weeks, their profile will automatically stop being shown to searching host families. This means that even if they have neglected to inform you and other host family contacts that they are unfortunately not available, they will stop being listed in the current search results.

It is not uncommon for families to contact 30 or 40 candidates before they find the one who is right for them. Do not get discouraged or place all of your hopes on a single candidate and before long you will find your match.

What can we do to receive more contacts from English-speaking au pairs?

If you receive very few messages or replies from English-speaking au pairs, this may be because you are only searching for British, Irish or American au pairs. These native speakers of English can be in high demand, but they are not the only au pairs who often speak very good English. Au pairs from other countries in both Western and Eastern Europe often also have excellent English skills. Consider including countries like Ukraine, Poland, Roumania or the Nordic countries in your search criteria.

In any case, remember that the level of English isn't the only important factor in choosing an au pair. Having skills in your children's native language (if it's not English) is also important, as well as general questions of compatibility with your family.

Be sure to check out our 7 tips for success in your au pair search for further ideas about finding the right au pair for your family.