Questions about Premium Membership

Questions and answers about free registration and the Premium options of AuPairWorld


What do I get with free registration at AuPairWorld?

When you register free of charge as a host family on AuPairWorld, you create a profile in which you can present yourself and your search criteria. You then can use AuPairWorld's EasyFind search functionality to view the profiles of the thousands of au pairs registered on AuPairWorld and look for the ones that suit your specific wishes. You can say "hello" to au pairs and host families to show your interest to them in the AuPairWorld messaging system.

But as a host family, you can only exchange personal contact details with au pairs and finally choose an au pair for your family if you have purchased a Premium Membership option. Au pairs do not need a Premium Membership.

Do au pair and host family both need to be Premium Members to get in touch with each other?

For au pairs, it is not necessary to have a Premium Membership. Au pairs do not need to be Premium Members in order to get in touch with Premium host families. They have access to all functions of the AuPairWorld platform in exchanging message with host families. Host families, on the other hand, must purchase one of the Premium options to be able to exchange messages and personal contact details with au pairs and thus arrange an au pair stay.

What do I get as a host family with a Premium Membership at AuPairWorld?

Premium Membership lets you take the next step in making contact with the au pairs you have found using AuPairWorld's EasyFind. As a Premium Member you can contact au pairs directly and send messages without restrictions. Thus you can send your full contact details to au pairs in your first message and begin exchanging the detailed information necessary for successfully arranging an au pair stay.

In addition, the Premium Subscription allows you to view references and videos of au pairs. You can also upload a video and references to make your profile more attractive.

Is it possible to use AuPairWorld without Premium Membership?

For au pairs, it is not necessary to have a Premium Membership. Host families, on the other hand, must purchase one of the Premium options to be able to exchange personal contact data with au pairs and thus to arrange the details for an au pair stay. 

Why are there three different Premium options?

There are no significant differences between the various Premium options besides the length of the membership periods.

The path to a new au pair is different for each family. Some families prefer to plan far in advance. Others are more last-minute types. Some families have their homes in areas that are in high demand among many au pairs (major urban centres for example). Others need to search among a smaller group of potential au pairs who are attracted to the particular region and situation that they are able to offer.

To better accommodate the wide variety of living situations and searching strategies that are included among our AuPairWorld Premium customers, we have three different Premium options. These options give host families more flexibility and enhanced value as they make use of AuPairWorld's services.

Does the Premium Membership renew automatically?

Nein, die Premium-Mitgliedschaft verlängert sich nicht automatisch. Wenn Sie eine AuPairWorld Premium-Optionen wählen, sind nur für den in der Option angegebenen Zeitraum Premium-Mitglied. Es gibt kein automatisches Abo und auch keine weiteren Gebühren.

Is it possible to pause the Premium Membership and restart it later?

No, the Premium Membership runs for the period of the selected Premium option and cannot be interrupted and then restarted at a later date. Deactivating your profile will also not enable this nor make it possible to save some portion of the Premium membership for use at a later time.