New video: Why au pair Lisa is in step with her Spanish host family

In March 2011, the Spanish host family Rosa María Almendros created the one millionth profile on AuPairWorld. For this reason, we went to visit the family and their Austrian au pair Lisa in Simancas. We even brought our camera along to capture the experience.

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AuPairWorld meets...

Icon: video from Rosa ... host family Almendros and her au pair Lisa in Spain.

After we called host mum Rosa to congratulate her, we from AuPairWorld agreed that we would get to know our one millionth user personally.

Visit with camcorder in hand

Lisa in Valladolid No sooner said than done! Two months later, in May, the AuPairWorld team left Germany and travelled to Simancas near Valladolid, situated in central Spain. The objective was to visit the host parents Rosa and Israel, their daughters Izíar and Edurne and their au pair Lisa. The team brought along a camcorder and many questions. What is a typical day like with the Almendros family? What are Lisa's experiences in her host country Spain?

An impressive life together

Rosa, her familiy and  lisa, her au pairWe had nice chats with Lisa and her host family, ate Paella and saw a great deal of Valladolid and Simancas. We accompanied Lisa throughout the whole day while she was attending her duties,and we quickly came to the conclusion that all those involved did their best to make the au pair stay as enchriching as possible for everyone. The way that they lived together inspired us so much that we wanted to make a video to share this fantastic experience with others. 

Scenes of Lisa's au pair stay in four languages

Lisa and Izíar, Rosa's daughterOf course, once back in Germany, we all had to get back to our usual tasks. But step by step, the new video "AuPairWorld visits ..." came into being. Thanks to our translators, the nine minute long video is available in four languages. Have fun watching it!