Jana's great year out in Ireland

Originally, Jana had not intended becoming an au pair in Ireland. It happened quite spontaneously. Today, she is glad she took the opportunity and found some of the greatest friends ever in her host family. Go ahead and read her story below!

Au pair Jana in some spots of beautiful Irish nature.

It didn't take me too long to find my perfect host family

In summer 2013, I registered on the AuPairWorld website to become an au pair in summer 2014. First I wanted to go to the UK and I only chose Ireland in my country selection, because they're speaking English there, too. To be honest, I knew nothing about Ireland and I'm not sure if I'd ever had come to visit it, had I not found a host family here.

I was quite early with my search, so I only had few matches in the beginning. I texted a bit with 2 or 3 families in the UK, but then I got a request from an Irish host family in Kerry. At that time, they had 2 boys - almost 2 and 4 years old. We texted a lot and after a week we talked via Skype. A few days later the host mum asked me if I wanted to be their next au pair in early summer 2014 and as it seemed to be the perfect host family for me, I said yes.  In the months between finding my host family and finally going to Ireland I was in contact with my host mum a lot. 

I finally set sails to Ireland

In mid-July 2014 and 3 days after my graduation ball, I started my au pair year in Ireland. 
My host family lives on the countryside, very close to the most beautiful beaches. 
I had my own room and bathroom. I was also provided a car, which I used for driving the boys around and for my personal use. 
The boys were 3 and 5 years old when I arrived and we were slowly getting used to each other. I needed a few weeks to settle in and get used to everything, but after that, everything was great. 

My au pair schedule for the day 

My daily routine started with getting the boys ready in the morning, having breakfast with them, brushing their teeth and getting them dressed. The bigger one just started school, so I dropped him there every morning. After that the smaller one and I went to the beach, to the playground, to a toddler group, met other au pairs and their host kids or spent our morning in an indoor playground. 
I prepared lunch for the boys and myself and picked up the older child from school. Most of the afternoons we were spending at home, playing Lego, play-doh, colouring in pictures, baking, etc. Whenever the weather allowed us to, we played outside. 
After my host parents came home from work around 4:30 pm, I often had a cup of tea with my host mum and was finished with my 'work' for that day. 

In the evenings, I went for a walk on the beach, met other au pairs in town or just stayed at home. When staying home, my host family always asked me if I wanted to have dinner with them. After dinner, I spent the evening in my room relaxing and giving my host family some time for themselves. 

I had my weekends off, so I travelled around the country with other au pairs. Almost every time we had really good weather and I really fell in love with Ireland. There is so much you can see and do - amazing beaches, cliffs, castles, landscapes etc. 
When the weather was bad, the other au pairs and I met for breakfast and went shopping or went to the cinema. In the evenings, we often had dinner in various restaurants or met for a drink in a pub or a bar. 
I made really good friends in Ireland which I'm still in contact with and I've already met a few of them in Germany. 

Saying goodbye didn't come easy

My time in Ireland went by way too fast. After an amazing year I sadly left in July 2015.
At that time, my host family had 3 boys. They got a baby boy in May. All of them became my second family. My host kids and I were very close. They became my little brothers and I miss them every day. It's 8 months since I left Ireland and in a few days I'm going to see them for the second time since I left. I'm in contact with them a lot; we text and talk via FaceTime. I'm really happy that I've found such a lovely host family. 

I can highly recommend doing an au pair year and I personally cannot imagine a better place than Ireland to do it. Everyone there is so friendly and welcoming. 
Finding a perfect host family is a piece of cake with AuPairWorld. 

I had the best year ever and hope that you will have it, too!