Thank you for this great opportunity!

Claire from France decided to become an au pair in London. She had a great time there and later started working as a manager for a tourism company. Now she is packing her bags for Melbourne

Claire with her host child (left) and some friends (right)

Great experience

I am writing you to simply say thank you. I used AuPairWorld for the 1st time in 2012 and worked in London. I had an amazing time and a great experience with my family, the children and within the au pair community.

I created an au pair experience group on Facebook and organised events, visits, language exchanges, etc ... and could use all these experiences in the past 2 years. I found a job as a manager for a tourism company; but most importantly, it helped me determine my personal professional project !!

Soon I'll be off to Australia...

I am now using AuPairWorld for the 2nd time, preparing for my stay in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you for your services. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of living such an experience and define ourselves. :)