I am looking for another wonderful au pair

Claire from the United Kingdom decided to have an au pair when her third baby was born. A great decision on her part, as she did not only find someone to lend her a helping hand, but also a longstanding friend.

London Palace of Westminster

We found our au pair on AuPairWorld in April 2007, when my baby was just a couple of weeks old. I needed help looking after my girls who were then 2 and 5.

Having an extra pair of hands was so wonderful

My au pair walked the girls to school and nursery and helped with little jobs like brushing their hair and loading the dishwasher, but having an extra pair of hands was so wonderful. I could relax and feed the baby or have a nap while the girls were occupied.

Two years after her wedding, she visited us with a little baby of her own

My au pair left once my baby was 3 months old and the summer holidays arrived. We kept in touch and we were delighted to be invited to her wedding in Geneva 2 years later. We met all her family and spent a lovely week with them. Two years after that, last November, my au pair arrived back in England for a short holiday - with a little baby of her own!

I hope we'll make another long friendship

It was so good to see them again. I am working now and my children are a bit older and I would like them to learn Spanish - so I am back looking for another wonderful au pair for the next few months! I hope we make another long friendship. I'm sure we will.