We are looking for our fourth au pair

Host mum Anna and her husband are Italian. However, they spent several years abroad. Back in Italy (Milan), they wished that their three children get in contact with different cultures. This is why they had three au pair girls throughout the past two years.

Cityscape of Milan and a big cathedral

Annabella, the poet

Funny enough, the first au-pair was coming from London but her family was Italian. She was very passionate about life, and was able to convey such energy and enthusiasm to our children. She took her time in Milan to design and kick off her non-profit organization, which she now manages successfully. We spent a lot of time together exchanging ideas and experiences. We are still in touch and we still sing the very funny songs she taught us.

Delphine, the explorer

We spent summer 2010 travelling around Canada and when we came back to Milan Delphine from Quebec joined our family: since we found each other through AuPairWorld before summer, she was so kind to help us with lots of hints that made our trip unique. Delphine stayed only three months for us, due to Visa restriction, but we had a great time together. She had a passion for art and music, and she enjoyed very much the intense cultural season in Milan. We also had the pleasure to host her daddy (a pilot for a Canadian airline) for a couple of days. Delphine then took off for a long trip to Turkey, south-east Asia and Australia.

Cionna, a wonderful older sister to our children

Cionna arrived from Ireland at the beginning of summer, during the break of her university program. She spent three very intense months vacationing with our kids: mountain in Valleé d’Aoste, seaside in Liguria, countryside in Piedmont! She enjoyed so much the variety of Italian culture and landscapes… and she had been a wonderful older sister to our children. Our son became pen-friend with Cionna’s youngest brother and we hope they will meet in person sooner or later.

Every au-pair girl we had so far left a mark in our family life: hosting these girls from other countries is so important to broad our children’s mind. We are looking for another English mother-tongue au-pair, both for the school season and for next summer.