My children now have a British sister, and our au pair has a Catalan family

Host mum Rosa from Spain sent us this experience report about the family's positive time with their summer au pair

Coast of spain, the beach dividing the ocean - visually - into two.

I want to thank AuPairWorld for having helped us in this adventure. The process was easy, the info in the web page very useful and the experience...I have no words.

She has become a member of the family

We shared a month with an English girl called Bethany. She has become a member of the family. We shared not only the language and the desire to improve both English and Spanish, but also the traditions, the experiences, the feelings, knowledge...

We have learned a lot from each other

We have learned a lot one from the other. My children have now a British sister, and she has a Catalan family. We miss her a lot! Thanks to AuPairWorld for making that possible!