The au pair experience really opens your eyes to other cultures

Jenny from Ireland and her family had their first au pair experience with an au pair from Sweden. "We truly cannot wait for our next big sister to join our family!"

Foggy hills in Ireland

Our family joined AuPairWorld in August 2013. Through this site we found a wonderful girl who enriched our lives for the nine months she has lived with us. We made contact with a Swedish girl called Andrea. It was her and our first time to have an au pair in our family. We instantly suited each other and we felt she was more a family member than our au pair. She was kind, caring, considerate and her English was excellent. We loved teaching her about our culture and country and she introduced us to Swedish culture and foods we previously had never encountered. Our favorite being cloudberry jam!

Our first au pair: We will miss her dreadfully

Our children loved her and many tears were shed when she left us. We felt so comfortable together that her family in Sweden all came to stay and we laughed a lot together. I would highly recommend having an au pair come to join your family as it really opens your eyes to other cultures and can be a great happy experience. We truly cannot wait for our next big sister to join our family, and we cannot wait to help them discover our country. We also feel that whoever gets Andrea as an au pair is extremely lucky. She is the most sincere, kind, loving girl I have met in a long time and we will miss her dreadfully.