Our children fell in love with her immediately

Host mom Tiina from Finland is utterly enthusiastic about her Spanish au pair girl. The children loved her from the very start. It was a genuine cultural exchange. They also enjoyed the fact that their au pair's parents' came to see them in Finland.

Tiinas two children building a snowman (left) and a ski area (right).

Exchange of culture and language

We wanted to learn more about Spanish culture and customs and we wanted to learn the language. Our Spanish au pair arrived in autumn. Learning from both sides began. In the beginning our au pair did not speak English very well, but she learned really quickly.

The end of the time she already spoke English fluently, and she also learned to speak some Finnish.

We learned some Spanish

Our Spanish au pair lived here for seven months. This time was really rewarding. The au pair prepared Spanish dishes for us, taught us some Spanish and became acquainted with our help to Finland and its customs.

Her family came to visit Finland

It was really nice, when her family came to visit Finland in the New Year. Our au pair also got new friends. She became friends with my little sister, and also through it with other new friends. She went once a week to teach Spanish in a small group as well as studying the Finnish language.

We wanted an au pair to take care of children and helping with small household duties as well as becoming a member of family. Our au pair was spontaneous and she did the houseworks without being asked. It was really nice to come home when the dinner was waiting at the table.

One day we will visit her

Our children fell in love with her immediately. She participated in the leisure time as well as in the holidays with us. We all have pleasant experiences and wonderful memories of that time. We are still in contact, but unfortunately, we have not got change to visit her. But surely one day we will see.

Looking for our next au pair

We felt AuPairWorld was the best clearest and most comprehensive site to find an au pair. Through the site we found for us the most suitable au pair. Our family has had a total of two au pairs. Now we are looking for a new au pair and we believe that we will find our next au pair here.