We became a big family

Khaled and his family have already had many au pairs and they have stayed in contact with all of them. He tells us that with their former au pairs, they have built up a large family containing members from all over the world.

Three pictures of the family

This is our story with Aupairworld and our new big family!

We are a family living in Cairo/Egypt and we started our 1st experience in Feb 2014 . Actually since that time and until now, we hosted Candella from Spain for 3 months, Djamila from France for 1 month, Chiara from Italy for 2 months, Gharda from Austria for 2 months, Elfie from the UK for 2 months, Lulu from the USA for 2 months, Anna from Italy for 1 month, Alina from Russia for 9 months, Evelyn from Mexico for 3 months, Dylena from Belgium for 3 months, Mireia from Spain for 1 month, Sanaa from France for 1 month, Giulia from Italy for 9 months, Lea from France for 3 months and Everita from Latvia. Everita is with us now for 1 year.

Wow ... that is a lot of au pairs, right? But you know, all these girls now know each other and we are all become like one big family all over the world. One example for this community was when Everita was on her way to Egypt . She had a problem in the airport and guess who helped her? It was Elfie, the girl from the UK. She was in Transit in Athens and she went to assist her.

Regular meetings after the au pair stay

We became a family. Chiara came to visit us with her mum last week. One year before, me and my wife and our son were in Italy and we meet Anna and her family and also Chiara and her family. My wife and my son went to visit Giulia and she hosted them in her home for one month in Italy.

Actually, all the girls who joined us consider us as their family and we do the same. Egypt and life here always has a special meaning for them all. Candella and Djamilia were here when our son was 1 year old and now he is 5. They can't believe he is growing up so fast . He is like a son for them too.

Actually I can say .. it's not aupair experience .. it has become a strong family relationship forever!