Now I'm fluent in German!

Au pair Hellen from Kenya showed great courage and a big heart. When she arrived in Germany, her host country, she had to wait for her second chance to find the right host family. She found them, though, and in the end she grew so fond of them that she stayed with them even after they were hit by a heavy stroke of fate and without getting paid. Today Hellen is fluent in German.

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My journey as au pair started in 2004 when I completed my collegue course. I was only 22 years and very frightened to make a move. In may 2004 I got a host family from Regensburg. They made all the paper work for me so that I can get a visa to Germany. They used to call me several times and ask about the visa progress. I still remember and appreciate them very much.

At first I felt very lonely

In september 2004, my host family picked me up from the airport in munich. They explained what needed to be done in the house, took me to a german school and bought me a bus ticket. This was totally new to me in my country we don't have monthy tickets and the bus normally comes now and then. I was really frightened. The next day I missed my bus but took the next one and with time I became used to the schedule but I was very lonely. I didn't have someone to talk to and my host mum told me that she wanted to go on weekends with her family and I should find friends in town.

I used to live 15 minutes to the town and didn't know German. So it was difficult fo me. One day I wrote my mum a letter in Kenya and gave it to my host mum to post it for me. Little did I know she did not post it for me, she opened my mail and threw it in the dustbin. I really felt bad and since then things weren't so good for me I asked to be changed to another family.

I had better luck with my second family

In novermber, I got a family in Bad Salzuflen. They are the best God could have given to me. They understood me and appreciated whatever I did. Kerstin the mum loved me as if I was her own daugher. She was very busy and worked at home. Sven was the coolest dad I ever had and the children were fun to be with. Colins was the youngest with 14 months. He accepted me despite my dark complexion. I was their first au pair and I promised them that it will be the best experience they will ever have that year.

Philiph was 11 years old, he wanted me to join him in his school event, swimming and school project. He was really proud to have me as his big sister. Aimie was 13 years old and she always wanted her friends to meet me, she took me to her friends house to the weeked and we would go for walks and so on. We talked so much about girl themes and I was happy to be a part of them.

I stayed by their side even through a tough time

In may 2005 my mum lost her job and the family was going through a tough time. She became sick and had to spend time at the hospital. They did not have enough money to pay me and told me that they will get me another family. I couldn't allow that because they were my family, I told my hostmum that I did not care for the pocket money whenever she will get she will pay me. I stayed looking after Colins for two months while mum was at the hospital, dad used to come in  the evening and help me whatever was left to do. Grandma and grandpa were also there for us they would pick us up during the day take me shopping or for a walk and then drop us back from time to time.

Then I looked after twins in Vienna

I stayed with them until my time ended up. They were the best. The children helped me with my german language and I still got enough time to go to a language course. Afterwords I found another family in november 2005 to november 2006. I was looking after twins in Austria, Vienna. I got many friend and became an expert with the german language. The twins were fun to be with and I miss being an au pair again. It was 6 years ago when I was au pair but I still want to be one now.

Please be patient with your new family!

For all the girls who want to be au pairs: Please be patient with your new family! Because if I would have been it with my first one I could have stayed with them till the end of my term but thank God I didn't because I would not have found my second family. It was a great experience being an au pair.