I became part of a Chinese family

Unfortunately, Gina had to split with her first host family in China. However, she soon found a new family she fell in love with. Read below how she found a great friend in her host child.

Gina, her host child and her dog

My first au pair experience in China didn't turn out to be all that successful

I decided to become an au pair in China. I wasn't nervous due to my previous experience. However, unfortunately, we decided the arrangement wouldn't work out after only two weeks. We knew no one was in the wrong; we just didn't match, so we very amicably said goodbye. Little did I know that my adventure was only about to start.

Then I started my year with a new host family in central Beijing

I became part of a Chinese family and that's how I always felt, like a family member. My responsibility was to care for a 3-year-old boy, given the English name 'Steven', and help him learn English. My host mom (...) had expressed they had not least switched au pairs because Steven had a hard time adjusting to new persons. His English improved incredibly over the year, to the point where strangers would ask him if he spoke any Chinese, at all! My role went beyond au pairing. He first called me 'Auntie' and later 'Sister'.

I could witness this positive development in all family members. I became great friends with our Filipino nanny and my host mom became someone I could share everything with and know she was always there for me.

At first the relationship with my hostkid was hard, but then we were like siblings

At first, my host kid would often tell me that he didn't like me, but with a bit of patience and showing him I was his friend his attitude changed after only two weeks' time! We developed a bond. He even wanted to help me clean! (photo attached) This strong bond was present in the whole family. I really felt I was a member of the family.

Work became just life

This is what an au pair experience should be like. Where it's hard to talk about 'working hours', because you simply feel like you're just part of the family. There are difficulties in every family as every host family. Its important to not give up and work hard. In the end, the memories gained are more precious.