I can honestly say I had a great experience

Niamh was an au pair in Spain and had a very close bond with her host kids. She doesn't regret her first au pair stay at all, also because her host parents supported her always.

Niamh with the host family

I had a great start

I worked as an Au Pair for Margarita and Sergio from June to July of last summer. Margarita and Sergio provided a very welcoming home for me while I stayed with them and always checked in to see how I was getting on with everything. The family also have a woman who works for them during the day who was very kind to me and honestly made my day just that bit better.

My kids were so lovely

Margarita and Sergio have two wonderful boys who are genuinely just joys to be around. I looked after the boys during the day and it was a very enjoyable experience. Both boys are incredibly intelligent and very well-behaved, they always showed enthusiasm for the things we did during the day and even got their homework done with little to no complaint. The eldest boy Mauro is very smart and never ceased to amaze me with not only his English abilities, which as a language student I envy, but also with his passion for the things he likes. The youngest boy Lucas is the funniest little boy I’ve ever met and always brightens your day, he is full of energy and like his brother is also incredibly intelligent.

I had a lot of privacy

I was provided with my own room which meant I had my own space for which I was very grateful and the town in which they stay is beautiful. There is a great park for walking and the main street has lots of little cafes to go to, it’s not far from the city either. I can honestly say that I had a great first experience as an Au Pair here and I think I chose the perfect family to go to.


Niamh McArthur