The best decision I've ever made

For Greta, the plan to be an au pair in Spain was the best decision she has ever made. In her report she explains why she enjoyed her time with the host family in Burriana, near Castellón.

Valencia, Paella and one street

I had a special bond with my host family

I think leaving my home to go to Spain and live here as an au pair was the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only have I really grown as a person, becoming more self independent and open, but also it’s amazing because you get to know a different culture, make new friends and most importantly create a special bond with your host family.

I feel so lucky with my host family because they make me feel like a part of the family.
The girls are very sweet and also funny which is good because then it never gets boring!

My host parents are amazing too!

Belén and Pablo always make sure that I’m okay and take good care of me. I know I can always talk to them and ask them for help, no matter what. Plus they have an amazing sense of humor and encourage me to go out and meet new people and also see a lot of Spain which I think is very good. 

But not just the four of them are super nice also the grandparents and the siblings of my host parents are very open and friendly and always make me feel welcome.

Burriana is also a nice city with many au pairs!

We really enjoy to go and drink a coffee in the morning and then after that we like to take the bus to Castellón, go to the swimming pool or the beach and have fun together.
There are also good bars and the train station to go to. For example, Valencia is easy to reach by train, or Castellón is easy to reach by bus or train.

If you want to take spanish lessons there’s a school very close the house with a very friendly teacher.

If you want to have a lot of fun, make new friends, maybe learn some Spanish and have a good time with a lovely family you really should come to Burriana!