I had such a great time with Molly, my au pair!

Host mum Giulia from Italy simply loved her au pair from the very first moment. Find her story below!

Giulia had a lot of fun with her au pair

I couldn't imagine a better au pair and friend for my daughter!

On 5 June Molly, a 19-year-old Scottish girl, arrived at our home. We went to pick her up from the bus station and Viola was immediately "her sister".
When we arrived at home we showed Molly her room and our little cat who lives with us. From here our mutual adventure started. Molly herself is an educated person, kind and happy to live the full experience in a new family.

We were an excellently coordinated team

As suggested by AuPairWorld, I prepared a weekly timetable showing the hours when Molly would be with Viola to give her the opportunity of arranging activities during her time off. She certainly used her spare time well here in Milan, travelling to surrounding cities and meeting lots of other au pairs.

Molly played an active role in Viola's learning process, inventing games, reading out books and helping her with her English homework.
Molly's task was to stay and play with Viola while keeping her room in order.
She has always acted as a well mannered role model, helping to set and clear the table, cooking and keeping her room tidy. She loved to interact and would stay with Viola, even during her spare time. For some nights she would take over Viola's bedtime schedule.
She never went out in the evening if she was due to stay with Viola the next morning. Occasionally, she went out at the weekends, but she never drank alcohol excessively, which we very much appreciated.

She would always tell me about her plans when she left the house, so I would know where she was and what time she was due home. She would also share her thoughts and emotions making communication between us very easy. This girl was simply a perfect addition to our family!
We had a great time together in Milan and would visit the center, Castle, La Scala, Expo. We also travelled to Bormio in the mountains, and spent a few weeks at the beach in Cannes.
Today she is returning to Scotland... We will miss her so much; she brightens our day!

Here are a few more words from my cute au pair!

After 7 and a half amazing weeks in Milan with my lovely host family, it is time for me to go home. I will miss Giulia and Viola so much as they have become a very dear second family to me and I know we will remain in contact.

I could not recommend the whole au pair experience enough, I have had an incredible time, seen beautiful places and met lots of very interesting people. Giulia and Viola have topped the experience and made my second au pair adventure one to remember. I have lots of great memories such as visiting the beautiful mountainside town- Bormio, going on funfair rides with Viola, making pancakes, swimming in the sea, having tea and chatting with Giulia and being taken on a tour around Milan's centre on my first day!

The culture shock was very easy to get used to with help from the friendly, hospitable nature the Italians naturally possess. I didn't get homesick during my time here as I was kept busy with my adorable 'little sister'.

If you are thinking of having or becoming an au pair, I would urge you to do so as the whole experience is a very memorable one with plenty of opportunities to experience and learn things about a different culture.