The kids loved her to bit

Host mum Peace from Scotland would not want to miss her unforgettable au pair experience for the world. With Vendy from the Czech Republic she found a helping hand.

Peace's au pair with her two children (left) and the four of them together in one picture (right).

A friend of mine gave me this great tip

AuPairWorld is really a problem solver when it comes to issues with child care. I was referred to the site by a friend and in December 2012 I used the site to get an au pair from the Czech Republic who stayed with my family for about six months.

Vendy was simply perfect for our family

She was a student though she took a gap year to travel out and have a new experience. Her name is Vendy and she was exceptionally good with the kids. In fact there was never a dull moment with her and the kids loved her to bit.

She helped with household chores and was always punctual in taking the kids to school. I was always at peace when I went to work and she was very good at filling in for me because on one occasion I asked her to attend a parents evening at school for me cause I had a meeting elsewhere.

It hurt so much to say goodbye

After my experience so many of my friends have had the courage to use this site to get au pairs. Vendy sadly had to leave us, though she recommended her friend who continued from where she stopped, but we still miss her till date. In fact the day she left I cried. I was reluctant to say goodbye, but I knew she had to move on.