We all went to Annas wedding party

Like a fairy tale, but in real life: A host family in Mexico invited a German au pair. She had to look after their 9 children. Au pair Anna convinced due to her great kindness and her passion for baking. In the end, this story involves a happy ending and a delicious wedding cake for everyone!

Abraham, seine Kinder und Au-pair auf einem Truck und Straßenfest in Mexiko

A new job: So we decided to have an au pair

My wife and I met as exchange students with AFS, so we had been thinking on hosting an exchange student at home, but we had not yet made up our mind. As I entered a high profile job with the Mexican Government, which demanded lots of travel, we decided to have an au pair at home.

We received several responses from all over the world

We knew it would not be easy to find an Au Pair to come and take care of our children, but the AuPairWorld site was very helpful and we indeed received several responses from all over the world.

We became very good friends with Anna

We chose Anna because they were 6 siblings in her family, which we knew would be helpful to understand our family without too much stress. And we indeed received much help from her, got along very well and became very good friends.

We enjoyed her patisserie

The children were amused and even picked some phrases in German which they still repeat: “Kann ich bitte Schokolade haben?”, for example… In the mornings she took patisserie lessons at an academy nearby, which the children, needless to say, enjoyed very much. My wife and I did enjoy it too! I think that year I had my best birthday cake ever.

At the end a wedding!

Anna met a Mexican young man: a photographer who worked at a studio nearby to our home. They fell in love and she became his girlfriend. They eventually got married and we all went to their wedding party - which of course featured a delicious wedding cake made by her! They are living happily together. Thank you AuPairWorld!