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Are you a host family wishing to host an au pair? Here you can find out more infomation upon matters such as working hours, pocket money, language courses and more.

In Italy, there is no official au pair programme. However, EU and EFTA citizens as well as citizens from other countries are still entitled to work as au pairs in Italy.

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Your au pair will primarily take care of your children. Additionally, they will help you with light housework. You should both clarify beforehand what the exact duties of your au pair will be. Your desicions should be documented in an au pair contract.

Pocket money

There are no official regulations concerning the pocket money au pairs receive in Italy. Based on our experience, we recommend that host families pay 250-300 euros per month.

Board & lodging

Apart from the pocket money, you will have to offer free board and lodging to your future au pair. They are also entitled to free board and lodging in the case of illness.

Travel expenses

Au pairs who wish to work in Italy generally bear the travel expenses for their round trip. We do, however, recommend that host families pay for the return trip or at least part of it for their au pair if the au pair stay was successful.

Working hours

In Italy, host families and au pairs may flexibly agree upon the au pairs' weekly working hours. However, au pairs may not work more than 30 hours per week throughout a maximum of 6 days per week (babysitting in the evening included). Per day they may not work more than 5 hours.

Free time

In Italy, au pairs get one day off per week. At least once every month this day should fall on a Sunday.


In Italy, there are no uniform rules concerning the holiday for an au pair. Therefore, you should come to an agreement with your au pair before he or she joins your family. Normally, an au pair is entitled to a paid holiday of two weeks if employed for 6 months.

Language course

Your au pair should be given enough time and opportunity to participate in a language course. The au pair will bear the costs for the language course by himself or herself. As you as a host family know your own town well, it would be nice of you if you could help your au pair find an appropriate language course.

If your au pair is a citizen of a non-EU country, and is applying for a student visa, you should make sure to check that the establishment offering the course is on the list of approved schools which are recognised when applying for a student visa. In addition, the language course should be minimum 20 hours per week.

We are continually researching and updating our host country information, but cannot guarantee that all material provided is complete and correct. If you notice gaps or inaccuracies, we would like to hear from you.

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