Costs of the au pair stay

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The necessary costs of the au pair stay can differ widely for the host family and au pair depending on the legal arrangements in the host country. However, here is an overview of the costs which you are likely to meet:

Costs for the host family

Placement fee At AuPairWorld there is no placement fee. Premium Membership is nonetheless necessary for host families to establish personal contact with au pairs.
Pocket money The amount of pocket money paid to the au pair is fixed per country.
Household budget During the au pair stay the household budget will increase due to the addition of another adult into the family. The host family must supply the au pair with meals and should also expect an increase in the cost of household bills (water, electricity, etc.) 
Mobility So that the au pair can accompany the children of the host family to school or to other activities, the host family must ensure their mobility and subsequent costs (tickets for public transport, fuel for the car, a bike etc.)
Insurance In the majority of host countries, the host family must ensure that the au pair is insured for the full duration of their stay. Usually the family must pay the entirety of the insurance fee
- Health insurance : if the au pair's cover is not valid in the host country, the host family must subscribe them to a private health insurance
- Motor insurance : if the au pair has to drive the family car, the family must contact their motor insurer to ask to include the au pair on their insurance policy
Language course In certain countries the host family is responsible for paying a part of the cost of the au pair's language course. In other countries, they advise that the family pays the full amount.
Return journey In most countries, the payment of the cost of the au pair's journey is not regulated. We advise, in all cases, that the host family pays for the return journey of the au pair, if they are satisfied with their au pair. 
Telephone The au pair pays for their own private communication. The host family can provide their au pair with a mobile phone if they wish to. In this case the au pair and family discuss with one another the method of its use. 
Further useful information
  • In certain countries and under certain conditions financial support is offered to the host family by the government. It can take the form of a tax reduction (in Germany) or a grant (in New Zealand). 

Costs for the au pair

Placement fee At AuPairWorld there is no placement fee. Au pairs can use the full service of AuPairWorld free of charge. Host families, on their part, must pay a Premium Membership to establish personal contact with au pairs.
Travel The au pair pays the costs of their journey to the host family, whether that's by plane, train or car. We advise, however, that the host family pays in part or for all of the return journey. 
Language course In most countries, the au pair must for their language course. The costs vary widely depending of the number of hours of the course, the host region and the quality of the establishment. To give a general idea, a course of six hours per week costs 100 to 200 euros per month.
Insurance In the majority of host countries, the host family must ensure that their au pair is covered for the full duration of their stay. In certain countries, the au pair must be responsbile for the insurance fees. The best thing to do is to enquire about the legal arrangements in your host country. 
- Health insurance: if the au pair's cover is not valid in the host country, they can ask their family to contribute towards their necessary private healthcare subscription.
- Travel insurance: the au pair can take out this insurance to prevent the risk of theft or loss of their baggage or medical repatriation. 
Administration fees The au pair submits the visa application and must pay the related costs of obtaining the visa/ residence permit. The costs generally vary between 60 and 150 euros depending on the country. Other administrative fees may also be requested.
Activities and going out The au pair should keep aside some of their pocket money to go out, discover the neighbouring region or carry out their hobbies. 
Telephone The au pair pays for their own personal communication in the host country. If they use the telephone of the host family or a phone for their own use, they should discuss the use of it with the family.


Cost of the au pair stay - Frequently Asked Questions

  • My au pair and I have arranged that the travel costs are to be paid by herself. However I am still not sure. Is that common practise or do we, as a host family, have to pay the travel costs of our au pair?

    The au pair normally bears the travel costs himself/herself. You can thus be certain that the au pair will definitely come. Should the au pair change her mind in the last minute - which does happen sometimes, although quite rarely - you will not be disappointed that you had made an advance payment. In principle, we always recommend not to make any advance payments due to fraud attempts (scam)

    On the other hand, we do encourage host families to partially or totally reimburse the travel costs to the au pair if they were satisfied with each other and both enjoyed the au pair placement. You can thus express your gratitude for the nice time spent together. This would also be a nice farewell present to your au pair, wouldn't it?

  • I registered on your website, because I intend to go abroad as an au pair this year. However, I was not able to find out how much I would have to pay for the au pair placement. Can you help me?

    Generally, the following applies: Au pairs pay the fee for their visa application in their home country (if needed), the language course in the host country, as well as their travel cost. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a fixed total of the costs at this point. Several factors play a role:

    • The visa fee depends on the type of visa.
    • The travel cost naturally depends on the distance of the host country from your home country.
    • Furthermore, it depends on your chosen means of transport, the season, the day of the week and time of the day, as well as relevant tariffs.
    • The fee for the language course can vary depending on the host country, region, season and duration of the course.

    Therefore, we recommend that you gather more information on the costs, as soon as you have found your host family, and thereby know the country and region in which you will stay.

    Read the information of your host country to find out more on the pocket money you'll receive as well as the insurance and who is supposed to pay for it.

    When you book your trip, you can ask if there are any attractive offers for you. This also applies to the language course. Most probably, your host family can help you find a good value course on the spot.


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