Au pair room

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Au pairs are always entitled to their own room in the host family household. In return for the help they provide with childcare and light housework, au pairs receive free room and board and pocket money.

Au pair room requirements

As a family member for a defined period of time, the au pair has a right to their own room. Obviously, the family makes the room available for use free of charge. The room should:

  • be at least 9m²
  • have a window
  • be furnished and equipped with heating
  • have a lock and key to ensure the au pair's privacy.

Some host families also make a private bathroom available to their au pair. However, this is not compulsory. In fact the au pair can use the communal bathroom along with all of the other members of the family. As the objective is for the au pair to be integrated into the family as a big brother or sister, the room should be within the family home. In exceptional cases it is sometimes possible to accommodate the au pair outside of the family home. It is the au pair's responsibility to clean their own private space.

Au pair room decoration ideas

It is important that the au pair room feels comfy for you as an au pair. We asked our community on Instagram and here are their ideas to decorate your au pair room on a low budget. Don't forget to ask your host family what you can and can't do on the room.



How to upgrade your au pair room | AuPairWorld

Styling the room for your au pair

If you're a family and your au pair is about to come, make the room of the au pair as welcoming as possible. A welcome card, a picture drawn by the children or a small bunch of flowers would make the au pair feel really welcome in your home when they arrive.

FAQs on au pair accomodation

  • Can we host an au pair if our home is too small and there isn't any extra room for the au pair?

    Having an extra room for the au pair is a basic requirement for all host families.

    If you don't have enough space at your home, you may think of accommodating the au pair outside the family's home. This option is not really conventional, but it is acceptable when it is the only possibility due to space limitations. It is important that you mention it in your profile or tell the au pairs during the interviews so that they get an idea of what to expect.

    The personal connection to the host family is a very important point. If your au pair is not living in your home, you need to make sure that you and your au pair spend as much time together as possible. The au pair must be integrated into family life and learn more about the culture of the host country. This is all part of the basic concept of au pairing.

    Under no circumstances should the au pair sleep in the same room as the host children on a daily basis. Only in exceptional cases, such as in a vacation or holiday flat could this option be acceptable.