When should I start my search?

When is the right time to start my search for an au pair or a host family? 

Just as it is the case in many areas of life, no two experiences are the same when it comes to the search for an au pair or a host family: sometimes, users find their match instantly and sometimes it just takes a little longer until they find their favourite candidate. According to our statistics, most host families register on AuPairWorld 1-4 months prior to the scheduled start date of the placement. 

Our tips:
  • As an au pair, you should not only follow your own interests when it comes to the choice of your exact start date, but also respect your host family's needs. Before you start planning your trip, you both need to come to an agreement with regard to your ideas and mutual expectations concerning the au pair stay.
  • Gather all necessary information on your host country and local regulations and get prepared for your task of taking care of the children in the best possible way. Should you need a visa, you need to allow for enough time to apply.  
  • Consult our pages The most important questions you should ask your au pair or The most important questions you should ask your host family to find out what else you need to clarify. Thus, you will both feel safe and get a clear idea about the arrangement. 
  • If you start your search six months prior to the scheduled start date, you have the best chances of finding a matching au pair or host family.

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