AuPairWorld's tools

Questions and answers about the tools that the AuPairWorld website provides to users for the optimal search for an au pair or host family.


  • What is AuPairWorld?

    AuPairWorld is the world's leading au pair agency on the Internet. With AuPairWorld, you have the opportunity to find an au pair or host family directly and independently. In our section "How to use AuPairWorld" you get an overview of how you can use the platform as an au pair or host family to organize an au pair stay.  

    More information about our services:
  • Does AuPairWorld offer any kind of local, on the ground support?

    AuPairWorld does not provide this kind of support. However, our highly experienced team will gladly help you by phone or email should any difficulties arise during the au pair stay. You can reach us from anywhere in the world. Moreover, we provide many answers to questions concerning the au pair placement on our website.  

    We have found that a frank and open-minded conversation generally helps resolve most misunderstandings and conflicts between au pairs and host families. In this context, it is also a good idea for au pairs to ask their friends and family for advice. Thanks to email, Skype and phone service, au pairs can nowadays easily get in touch with their loved ones. While abroad, they can stay in touch with their friends and relatives without difficulty and turn to them if they need help in resolving problems that they encounter. Our team is certainly always gladly at your disposal by phone or email, should you need our help. We offer support in six different languages.


  • What is EasyFind?

    The EasyFind is a feature only offered to registered users on AuPairWorld. It displays profiles of active au pairs or families who correspond to the search criteria of the respective user. Using EasyFind, au pairs and host families have the opportunity to list their search results according to relevance, registration date or last logins. The EasyFind is thus a key tool that helps users find and contact a matching au pair or host family easily and quickly.

Daily Update

  • What is the Daily Update?

    The Daily Update is an email that you will receive each time there are new registrations that match your search criteria.

    In order to receive the Daily Update, you need to have logged in within the last 14 days and your profile has to be active. In addition, your preferred start date must be in the future.

    If you do not wish to receive the Daily Update, you can uncheck the corresponding box in your profile settings.

Messaging System

  • How to use the messaging system

    The messaging system enables you to contact other users within the protected environment of AuPairWorld. Your contact information is never passed on to third parties. Naturally, you are free to give your own telephone number, Skype or email address to au pairs/host families. However, you decide when and with whom you exchange your contact details.

    Messaging each other

    Standard messages

    Thanks to our standard messages, au pairs and host families can show their mutual interest in each other – regardless of whether one of them is a Premium Member or not.

    Personal Messages

    As Premium Members, host families can both send personal messages to au pairs and read personal messages written by au pairs. The same applies if au pairs, not host families, are Premium Members.

    Au pairs can always write personal messages, whether they are Premium Members or not. However, these messages can only be read by a host family if either the au pair or the family is a Premium Member.

    Usually, host families become Premium Members to enable both parties to exchange personal messages.


    All messages which are exchanged between an au pair and a host family form a conversation.


    The application is the first message in a conversation. Both au pairs and host families can start a conversation by sending an application.

    Please note that you are only allowed to send a defined number of applications.

    If you receive an application, you can either answer positively (and continue the conversation) or negatively (and end the conversation). There are standard texts for both of these responses.

    Read and Unread messages

    You can easily see whether a message has been read or not: If the envelope is turquoise, the message hasn't been read yet. If the envelope is grey, the message has been read.

    Mailbox and Archive

    You can find all ongoing conversations in your mailbox. In Archive you can find finished conversations. The conversation is marked as finished as soon as you either receive or send a rejection. Finished conversations are then moved into Archive as soon as they have been read.

  • Is there a limit to the number of applications that I can send?

    There is a limit to the number of applications that can be sent. An application is:

    • the first message an au pair sends to a host family
    • the first message a host family sends to an au pair

    Please find the current limits below:

      Registered users Premium Members
    90 days 200 800
    30 days 120 480
    7 days 60 240
    24 hours 30 120
  • I can't send any more applications. What should I do?

    As part of our Quality Assurance Measures, users can only send a limited number of applications within a certain period of time. Instead of receiving a vast number of random messages, our users should only be receiving serious applications from suitable au pairs and host families. Basically, the sending of too many application messages results in an unnecessary amount of effort for our users without any benefit. The limit only applies for applications, (i.e. the first message that an au pair or host family receives). Conversations that have already been started can of course be continued with an unlimited number of messages.

    The maximum number of applications depends on the time period in which they are being sent. We recommend that you regularly log into your profile to see when you can start sending applications again. Another possibility for host families is to become a Premium Member, which makes it possible to send 4 times as many applications in any given time period.

  • I have received an email notification about a new message in my Mailbox on AuPairWorld. However, when I log into my profile, I cannot find the new message. What is the reason for this?

    It sometimes does occur that you receive an email notification about a new message in your AuPairWorld Mailbox but there is no message to be seen. This is not a technical error. It can result from two possible scenarios:

    • You have already read the corresponding messages.

    Our system regularly checks whether you have received new messages, and notifies you by email. However, because the system does not know whether you have logged into your profile in the meantime, sometimes you are notified of new messages after you have already read them on AuPairWorld.

    • Your conversational partner has deactivated his or her profile in the meantime.

    A user may have sent you a message and then deactivated his or her account before you log into your profile again. If this is the case, you may be sent an email notification but the respective conversation has already been deleted from your Received folder as soon as the user's account has been deactivated.

  • Should I write my messages and applications to au pairs / families in my own language or in the language of the host country?

    Standard messages (applications) are always displayed in the language of the browser of the respective user. They are automatically translated into the browser language by our system. These texts will be shown to you in English while being displayed in the browser language of your conversations partner, which may be different for persons in non-English speaking countries. Personal texts that you write yourself in addition to the standard messages provided by the system are not translated. With these messages it is up to you which language you want to use.