Prevent other users from seeing your profile during a period of your choice

Are you having difficulties catching up with unanswered applications while you keep receiving more of them each day? In this case, benefit from our new feature and choose not to display your profile in the search results for a period of your choice.

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As of now, there is a new feature on AuPairWorld: you can prevent your profile from being displayed in the search results for a period of your choice. This offers many advantages: for instance, if you have already received many applications and wish to take your time to reply to them or if you have already made a selection and do not wish to receive any further applications. Our new feature can also be a great alternative during your holidays.

This is how it works: Simply log into your profile by clicking on My notification settings. Then select "Please do not display my profile in the search results at present" and save your changes. Your profile will no longer be visible in the free search, nor in the EasyFind. Thus, the number of applications you receive will be reduced considerably. If you wish, you can, of course, continue conversations you started in the past and start new conversations. Should you be a Premium Member, your Premium Membership continues as usual until the expiry date. You can naturally untick this option at all times, allowing your profile to be displayed in the search results again whenever you wish.