Summer au pair: Vacation-time childcare & a holiday job abroad

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A summer au pair typically lives with a host family during the summer holidays for a shorter period of time than a regular au pair stay (just 1 - 3 months). The main aim of the stay is to help the family with childcare during the school holidays while giving the au pair a compact experience in a foreign country.

Au pair with kid on the beach

Responsibilities of a summer au pair

Summer au pairs perform the same tasks as long-term au pairs: they support their host families with child care and light housework. Both long- and short-term au pairs receive the same pocket money and have the same number of working hours. Just like long-term au pairs, summer au pairs strive to improve their language skills and get to know a new culture whilst living abroad. Sometimes, they can also accompany their host families on holiday, taking care of the children during this time. 

Who can benefit especially from a summer au pair stay?

  • Employing a summer au pair is a great idea for families who need to continue to work during school holidays and therefore need a child care solution during this time.
  • A summertime au pair placement can also fit very well for students, who wish to go abroad to work as au pairs during their term break.
  • Furthermore, it is an ideal introduction for both au pairs and host families who have not experienced au pairing before and are unsure as whether a long-term placement would suit them. 

In which countries are summer au pairs especially needed?

This summer families from Spain, Italy and France are particularly interested in hiring a summer au pair. The chances of finding a great family in one of these countries is especially high. In Spain, Italy and France au pairs can look forward to beautiful countryside, exciting cities, gorgeous beaches and delicious national cuisine. The super benefit for both au pairs and families: The experience lets you expand your whole idea of what a family can include!

You can also become a summer au pair in English-speaking countries, such as Ireland, or in German-speaking countries, such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland, although there are fewer families looking for a summer au pair in these countries.

Summer holidays in different countries

Graphic of the summer au pair holidays

Finding summer au pairs and host families on AuPairWorld

As soon as you have a profile on AuPairWorld, adjust the start and end date for the stay to fit with the planned summer period. That way families and au pairs interested in a stay for the summer period can find each other



Check how many families are available or how many au pairs want to go away for the summer and register to be able to write to them.

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What's it really like?

Here are some reports from and about other young people who have been a summer au pair:

Video: How to become a summer au pair

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