Solving problems during the au pair stay

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Conflicts may arise in any situation in life, including during an au pair stay. This is why it is particularly important to be well prepared in advance in order to prevent them. Sometimes, nevertheless, au pair problems just happen. However, you can always handle every situation by taking a positive approach.

Particularly throughout the first few weeks of the au pair stay, both au pair and host family should be more than tolerant and flexible with their new situation. Host families should not expect their au pairs to perfectly manage their tasks right from the start and rather patiently answer all questions their au pairs may have; including if the au pair language level is not very good. Bear in mind that it is quite a challenge for au pairs to express their thoughts and ideas in a foreign language. Au pairs, on their part, may feel a little sad at first, which ist completely normal. Homesickness, nevertheless, usually only lasts a few days until you get used to your new enviroment and schedule. As soon as you meet new people, you will feel at home again.

Our tips for tricky situations will help you solve other potential au pair stay problems. In short, most day-to-day problems can easily be resolved by simply talking to each other. Be frank, tolerant and honest. Explain how you see the situation from an objective point of view and try to find a compromise together.

Still, sometimes things just do not work out between au pairs and host families. If you consider that you can no longer come to an agreement, you may think of terminating your mutual contract and changing au pairs or host families.

Remember that you can always contact us, should you have any questions or problem.

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