Solving problems during the au pair stay

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Conflicts may arise in any situation in life, including during an au pair stay. A key aspect of successful conflict resolution is good communication and speaking directly with one another about problems as soon as they come up. We have tips about how to deal with conflicts during the au pair stay.

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Possible conflicts at the beginning of the au pair stay 

Particularly throughout the first few weeks of the au pair stay, both au pair and host family should try to be tolerant and flexible with their new situation. Host families should not expect their au pairs to perfectly manage their tasks right from the start. They need to be ready to answer questions from their new au pairs and also take into account that she or he may be having difficulties with the language. Bear in mind that it is quite a challenge for au pairs to express their thoughts and ideas in a foreign language.

Au pairs may often feel homesick at the beginning of an au pair stay. Homesickness, however, usually only lasts a few days until the au pairs starts to get used to the new enviroment and schedule. As soon as au pairs start to meet new people in the host country, their feelings of homesickness diminish.

Typical causes of au pair problems

There are some typical challenges that au pairs and families encounter during the au pair stay that sometimes lead to conflicts or difficulties. These include miscommunicationmisaligned expectations and cultural shock.

Getting some new ideas about how to communicate with the au pair may help families to support their au pair in handling such challenges.

Managing au pair problems

Most day-to-day problems in the relationship between au pairs and host families can be best resolved simply by talking to each other in a friendly, frank and open manner. If each party explains how they see the situation and tries also to understand the other party's point of view it usually is possible to find a compromise together.

Our FAQs about disagreements gives an overview of typical problem situations and further tips for overcoming disagreements.

Can AuPairWorld help with problems during the au pair stay?

AuPairWorld is always ready to support families and au pairs asking for help. Our aim is to help the two parties find a solution together. The following video shows how AuPairWorld usually proceeds in such cases.



How to deal with au pair problems: Tips from AuPairWorld

What if the conflict can't be solved?

Not every disagreement can be solved and there are some situations where the au pair and host familiy simply don't find a successful way to work together.If it is not possible to find a mutually acceptable basis for continuing the stay, then it will be necessary to consider terminating your mutual contract or changing families / changing au pairs.

Remember that you can always the AuPairWorld team, should you have questions or problems.