How to make friends as an au pair

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Meeting new people and making friends in your host country is a key part of every au pair stay. These contacts can be made via social networks or directly in person. Watch our video with some tips from a real au pair as well on how to make new friends as an au pair.

Group of Friends

Making new friends during your au pair stay is an important step to take. These people will form part of your experience and be with you while you discover different aspects of your host country. Sometimes, however, it seems difficult to make such contact after first arriving in a new country! Below you will find some useful tips which may help you find great people to make friends with in your host country.

Video: How to find friends as an au pair

Amina was an au pair in Australia, watch her personal experience and tips as inspiration for you.



HOW TO FIND FRIENDS as an au pair with Amina


Finding friends on Social Media

Au pairs who wish to contact other au pairs in their host region should always check our Facebook page. All you need to do is post on the AuPairWorld Facebook timeline that you are searching for other au pairs in your region. Au pair groups on Facebook offer a great opportunity to meet other people. Simply type in "au pair in" and then your host country, region or city and you are bound to find somebody. For your own safety online, make sure that the group is private, though. 

If you happen to have an Instagram account, look for hashtags such as #aupairindublin with your corresponding city or region to find other au pairs.

Making new friends in your host country, face to face

  • Attending a language course is definitely the best way for au pairs to establish new relationships.
  • What are your hobbies? Singing, dancing or a certain type of sporting activity? Find out if there are any clubs or fitness centres around your host family's home.
  • When dropping off your host kids at the school or nursery, you may meet persons with similar interests to yours, including other au pairs.
  • Ask your host family if they know another families around who are also currently hosting an au pair.
  • Do not forget to ask them about typical leisure activities in their country. You may wish to learn more about any of them.
  • Universities normally offer many leisure and sporting activities. You will find quite a diverse and international crowd there. Enrol in a sporting course or participate in a sightseeing tour. You may also enrol in a language course at the university language centre. Post an announcement on the university bill-board.
  • You may also place an announcement at your next-door supermarket, highlighting that you are looking for fellow au pairs, for instance.
  • Check out the official website of your host town. You may find some interesting events or sightseeings there.

Please note that AuPairWorld is not authorised to forward personal details of other au pairs who are working in your area.