Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you want to know more about AuPairWorld and how it works? In most cases you will find an answer right here. For more specific questions (pocket money, working hours, travel costs, etc.) please look under Au Pair A-Z.

  • What is the Daily Update?

    The Daily Update is an e-mail that you will receive each time there are new registrations that match your search criteria.

    In order to receive the Daily Update, you need to have logged in within the last 14 days and your profile have to be active. In addition, your preferred start date must be in the future.

    If you do not wish to receive the Daily Update, you can uncheck the corresponding box in your profile settings.

  • Can I choose my own country as my host country?

    We don't accept registrations from users who want to work in their own countries, because as part of our 
    Basic idea of au pairing the aim of the au pair stay is to get to know another culture and language. In some countries, the government also doesn't allow au pairs to work in their own country.

  • I can't send any more applications. What should I do?

    As part of our Quality Assurance Measures, you can only send a limited number of applications within a certain period of time. Instead of receiving a vast number of random messages, our users should only be receiving serious applications from suitable au pairs and host families, mainly because too many messages means an unnecessary amount of extra effort and expense for our users. The limit is only enforced for applications, (these being the first message that an au pair or host family receives). Thus, you can continue to send as many messages in ongoing conversations as you want. 

    The maximum amount of applications you can send is calculated on an individual basis, and depends on how many you try to send over a set period of time. We recommend that you regularly log into your profile to see when you can start sending applications again. Or simply become a Premium Member to send 4 times the amount of applications that regular users can send. 

  • What is an au pair?

    An au pair is a young person aged 18 to 30, unmarried with no children, going abroad for a temporary period of time and living with a host family. Whilst living abroad, the new temporary family member assists his or her host family with childcare and light housework.

    Incidentally, the term au pair is French and means "by mutual agreement". Therefore, au pairs receive a pocket money, live free of charge with their host families, just as regular family members, and share meals with the families. The monetary allowance and amount of working hours are defined by the regulations of the respective host country. The main objective of an au pair placement is the mutual cultural exchange – within an informal setting.

    As a "big sister" or "big brother", an au pair occasionally takes on the responsibility of looking after the children. By living with a host family, he/she improves his/her language skills and normally attends a language course. He/she gains an insight into the family's life, as well as culture, language and the lifestyle of the host country. The au pair gets to know more about the daily routine of his or her host family, as well as new customs and habits. He/she gains new experiences, impressions and perspectives. All these are advatages – even for their future careers.

  • What will my tasks as an au pair be?

    As an au pair, you will be living with your host family like a regular family member assuming daily tasks throughout your stay with them. As a „son or daughter for a defined period of time“, you are primarily in charge of childcare, a task which requires a great sense of responsibility on your part. Furthermore, you will help with light housework related to childcare, such as:

    • preparing the children's meals
    • washing and ironing their laundry and putting it back into the wardrobes
    • helping the children tidy up their rooms
    • taking the chidren to school or their spare time activities and back home
    • helping them with their homework and supporting their school development

    However, you should not only be aware of your duties, but also of your rights: an au pair is neither a nanny nor a home help or carer for the elderly. He or she is no employee, but must be considered a fully adequate family member throughout his or her entire stay as an au pair.

  • Is au pairing the right thing for me?

    • You wish to get to know a different culture and explore a foreign country?  
    • You intend to improve your language skills in your host country and gain new important experience for your personal and professional future? 
    • You love caring for children?

    Should you have answered these questions with "Yes", au pairing would be just the thing for you. The Info host countries section will help you thoroughly get to know the culture and language of your host country. At the same time, you will live with your host family like a "big brother or sister for a defined period of time", having close persons who support you while you are abroad.

    Au pairing entails much joy and fun, however, also a great deal of responsibility, especially when it comes to childcare. Therefore, it is very important that you love to assume responsibility and are not afraid of new challenges. After all, it can be very life-enhancing for an au pair to tackle challenges. You will get a more detailed overview of the au pair experience by reading our Au pair stories our au pairs and host families have sent us.

  • Will I receive a salary?

    No, as an au pair you will not receive a salary. Your host family will pay you a certain amount of pocket money. It varies according to the relevant host country and partly depends on your working hours

  • What is the cost of becoming an au pair?

    Costs incurring in the au pair's home country, are to be paid by the boy or girl. They may include: expenses for visa or medical checks. Furthermore, the au pair pays the travel costs by himself or herself. In most countries, au pairs also bear the costs for their language courses. This, however, depends on the relevant host country.

    We recommend that host families contribute to the expenses of the language course and return trip.

  • What should I bear in mind if I wish to become an au pair?

    As an au pair, you always need to stick to the regulations of your host country. You will find the most important regulations concerning your stay as an au pair in our Info host countries. Good to know: In our Tips for au pairs you will find useful information regarding your au pair placement. Thus, you can make sure that you will have a great time throughout your stay.

  • Which are the countries where au pairs are particularly required?

    Most host families who are registered on AuPairWorld are from Europe. The most significant host countries are Great Britain, Germany and France. However, there is also a great demand for au pairs in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

  • What is a host family?

    A host family has at least one child under the age of 16 and invites an au pair from a foreign country for a defined period of time to join in family life. Single parents also qualify as host families if their children live with them on a permanent basis. The au pair lives with the host family just as a regular family member and participates in family activities.

    The main duty of an au pair living with a host family is looking after the children and helping with light housework. In return, the family provide their au pair with free board and a room of his or her own in the family home. They also pay the au pair an agreed amount of pocket money. (The amount of pocket money and working hours are defined by the regulations of the respective host country). The au pair should have the possibility to improve his/her language skills by attending a language course.

  • Would it be a good idea for us to host an au pair?

    • You would like to have a helping hand with childcare? 
    • You have at least one child younger than 18 years living with you? 
    • You are prepared to host an au pair, treat the young person like a fully integrated family member for the period of the au pair stay and give him or her an idea about the culture and language of your country? 
    • You can offer an individual room to your au pair and bear the costs of pocket money, board and insurance?

    If you answered all these questions with "Yes", having an au pair might be just the thing for your family. The au pair will help you take care of your children and take over minor household tasks. This unique cultural exchange allows you and your au pair to gain a lot from each other.

    It is important that you choose an au pair who really matches your family. After all, the au pair experience involves an intense relationship that needs to be based on mutual trust. You will be entrusted with a new family member coming from a different cultural background. At the same time, you will entrust your au pair with your children. In this context, mutual respect, a thorough communication, clear rules and basic affinity are very important for a successful integration of your au pair into your family.

    Please note: Au pairs are neither nannies, nor hired household helps. In contrast to a regular employment relationship, au pairs live with their host families like fully integrated family members, albeit for a limited period of time. Your au pair will share your daily routine and help you with minor household tasks, just as any other member of your family would. As a "big brother or sister", your au pair will usually become an important figure in the lives of your children. And just as your au pair will be learning a lot about a new language and culture, your family will also gain significant insights into the culture, language, customs and traditions of your au pair's country of origin.

  • Which are the requirements host families need to comply with?

    Any family with at least one child aged 16 or younger living in the same household may host an au pair. The same applies for single-parent families. A host family should provide an extra room for the au pair, as well as sufficient financial resources to cover costs for pocket money, free board and lodging, as well as necessary insurances. The host family will treat their au pair like a family member for a defined period of time and accept the au pair's help with childcare and light household tasks. Furthermore, the family are interested in an intercultural exchange, helping their au pair improve his or her knowledge of the relevant language. For this purpose, the au pair is given the opportunity to participate in a language course during the au pair stay. The family speak the official language of the host country at home. This is typically not the first language of the au pair. The host family should be open-minded with regard to the au pair's cultural background and allow their au pair to practice his or her religion.

    Further requirements for host families vary according to the relevant host country. Host families should consult our section Infos host countries and do our Quick Check to find out if they meet all necessary requirements. 

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  • What are the costs for inviting an au pair?

    As a host family, you provide free board and lodging (in the latter case, an individual room) for your au pair plus the specified amount of pocket money usually offered in your country. In some countries, host families also need to pay for an au pair insurance policy.

    The au pair is responsible for paying for his or her own travel expenses. In most countries, the au pair also needs to cover the costs for the language course. However, this depends on the respective host country. We at AuPairWorld recommend that au pairs and host families split the cost of the language course, as well as the return trip. We believe that the party in a financially stronger position should help the party with fewer resources.

  • What do we need to bear in mind if we wish to host an au pair?

    To prepare for the stay of your au pair in the best possible way, you should gather sufficient information on the regulations of your country governing au pair placements. You need to bear in mind that it is always the regulations of the host country which apply to your au pair. Our Info host countries section provides more detailed information on the number of working hours and the amount of pocket money in the different host countries. Additionally, there are practical issues you need to consider, for instance the question of whether you can offer an individual room to your au pair.

    You should discuss the future tasks of your au pair beforehand and draw a weekly rota together. Our tip: if possible, take a few days off to help your au pair get used to his or her daily working routine. Should you be a single parent, you also need to bear in mind that, in order to be able to host an au pair, at least one of your children should permanently be living in your household.

  • What is AuPairWorld?

    AuPairWorld is the world's leading au pair agency on the Internet. By using AuPairWorld, you have the opportunity to find your au pair or host family directly and independently. 

    More information about our services:
  • Why do I need to register?

    You register on AuPairWorld to find a matching au pair or host family. For this purpose, you create your individual profile free of charge. As soon as you have created your profile, your EasyFind will display matching profiles according to your search criteria. Furthermore, you can contact every au pair or host family within the secure area of the AuPairWorld messaging system right after registration. To let an au pair or a host family know that you are interested, you can simply send them a standard message. To exchange personal contact details, host families must become Premium Members. Au pairs may use AuPairWorld services free of charge.

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  • How do I find my au pair or my host family on AuPairWorld?

    Au pairs and host families search for a desirable match on AuPairWorld on their own initiative. For this purpose, they register free of charge and create an individual profile. In the profile, they select certain search criteria, for instance, their preferred host country, their country of residence or their languages. By defining their search criteria, users allow their EasyFind to automatically display matching profiles. Furthermore, AuPairWorld informs all of its users of matching new registrations by sending a corresponding message, the Daily Update – which is delivered to your designated e-mail address.

    As soon as the au pair or host family have found a matching profile, they can enter into contact with each other. For this purpose, they simply send a standard message to their preferred candidate, expressing their interest. If the host family is a Premium Member, they can also start exchanging personal messages.

    In addition to this selection functionality, AuPairWorld also provides its users with all kinds of useful information and tips concerning the ins and outs of au pair placement – from legal regulations and requirements in different countries, to suggestions for successful au pair contracts, ideas on how to choose the best au pair or host family. The AuPairWorld Team also gladly answers any further questions you may have by phone and email.

  • How much does the placement cost?

    At AuPairWorld, we do not charge any placement fees as such – as au pairs and host families carry out their individual search. For this purpose, our users enter into direct contact by exchanging messages. To be able to exchange personal messages, it is necessary that one of both parties is a Premium Member. Premium Membership is available from € 39.90. Usually, it is the host families who become Premium Members. Premium Members can exchange personal messages with all au pairs or host families listed on AuPairWorld, even if the other users are no Premium Members.

  • Do au pair and host family both need to be Premium Members to get in touch with each other?

    No, only one of both parties needs to become a Premium Member.

    Au pairs do not need to be Premium Members in order to get in touch with Premium host families, They have access to all functions of the AuPairWorld Messaging System when exchanging contact details. Host families, on the other hand, must purchase any of the Premium options to be able to exchange personal contact details with au pairs and thus arrange the au pair stay.

  • Are the profiles of au pairs and host families checked?

    Our members of staff continually check profile data in terms of completeness and plausibility. Furthermore, we ensure that every user holds only one active profile and respects the basic idea of au pairing. In some cases, we may ask for proofs of identity. Profiles which do not correspond to the basic idea of au pairing or do not meet our plausability criteria are refused. Profiles which have been inactive for a certain period of time are automatically deleted.

    By entering into direct contact (for example by phone, Skype, etc.), au pairs and host families can find out if they get along well with each other and if they meet mutual expectations. Users specify and agree upon all conditions of the au pair placement by their own initiative and together with their contracting party.

    AuPairWorld offers much useful information on the website on how to plan and manage an au pair stay. Thus, our users can download a model au pair contract from our site, for instance. The AuPairWorld Team is also always gladly at your disposal to offer live support, should you have any questions or should you be facing difficulties.

  • Does AuPairWorld offer any kind of local, on the ground support?

    AuPairWorld does not provide this kind of support. However, our highly experienced team will gladly help you by phone or email, should any difficulties arise during the au pair stay. You can reach us from anywhere in the world. Moreover, we provide many answers to questions concerning the au pair placement on our website. 

    From our experience, a frank and open-minded conversation generally helps resolve most misunderstandings and conflicts between au pairs and host families. In this context, it is also a good idea to ask your friends and family for advice. Thanks to email, Skype and phone service, au pairs can nowadays easily get in touch with their loved ones. While abroad, they can stay in touch with their friends and relatives without any difficulty and turn to them at any time, if conflicts arise. Our team is certainly always gladly at your disposal by phone or email, should you need our help. We offer support in six different languages.

  • How do I find my own profile?

    Sometimes users are interested in seeing how their own profiles are displayed on the website. This can be done in the following ways:

    For Families

    1) Please log in and start your search right away. The families are listed in the order of their last logins.

    2) Click on "Find a familybecause you need to see the situation from the au pairs' point of view.

    • I come from: Select one of the au pairs' countries of origin as indicated in your profile.
    • I am: Select female or male depending on what you have selected in your profile.
    • I would like to be an au pair in: Select your own country of residence.
    • Start date: Select the earliest and latest start date of the au pair stay as indicated in your profile
    • Duration: Select the duration of the au pair stay according to the search criteria in your profile
    For Au Pairs

    1) Please log in and start your search right away. The au pairs are listed in the order of their last logins.

    2) Click on "Find an au pairbecause you need to see the situation from the families' point of view.

    • We live in: Select your host country (as indicated in your profile).
    • We are looking for an: Select your own sex (boy or girl).
    • We are looking for an au pair from: Select your own country of origin (nationality).
    • Start date: Select the earliest and latest start date of your au pair stay as indicated in your profile
    • Duration of stay: Select the length of your au pair stay according to the search criteria in your profile
  • Which are the requirements au pairs must comply with?

    Young persons aged 18-30 can become au pairs. They should neither be married, nor have any children. Every person wishing to work as an au pair should enjoy caring for children and getting to know a new culture and language. Au pairs should have a basic knowledge of the official languages spoken in their host countries. It is also important that they can afford their trip, as they are usually expected to pay for their own travel costs. 

    Some of the requirements au pairs must meet vary according to the relevant host country. By doing the Quick Check in our section Infos host countries, au pairs can easily find out if they meet all necessary requirements.

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  • Is it possible to find a new au pair or host family at short notice?

    Due to the large number of users on AuPairWorld, it is almost always possible to find a new au pair or host family at short notice. We believe in a constructive and respectful conflict resolution and offers support via phone and email.

  • What is the EasyFind?

    The EasyFind is a feature only offered to registered users on AuPairWorld. It displays profiles of active au pairs or families who correspond to the search criteria of the respective user. Using EasyFind, au pairs and host families have the opportunity to list their search results according to relevance, registration date or last logins. The EasyFind is thus a key tool that helps users find and contact a matching au pair or host family easily and quickly.

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