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Going on family holidays without the au pair - how to handle?

A family being excited about going to the beach

Some weeks ago, we wrote about what ought to be done if an au pair was to accompany a host family on their holidays. Today we would like to focus on the other option: Below you will find some useful tips on what should be done if an au pair does not come along on the family trip.

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A foreign language for your kids: An au pair has so much to share!

foreign language - reading a book

Chontelle Bonfiglio, an expert on bilingual development and creator of the blog Bilingual Kidspot, explains in this guest post how au pairs can enrich your family experience with a second language.

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Family holidays and your au pair – What works best?

The host family and their au pair enjoying time together while doing stand up paddling

The routines of everyday family life get all mixed up when a family heads out on a vacation trip. Thinking ahead will let you find the right role for your au pair during this time.

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Which gift should I choose for my host family?

Sweets in a glass

You've nearly made it! While getting ready for your au pair stay, you may wish to think about suitable gifts for your host family. When meeting your host kids for the first time, they will surely help you break the ice. Here are a few tips which may come in handy.

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Sarah reports: My au pair stay - Why, what for, what's next?

Au-pair genießt seine Zeit mit der Gasttochter

In our new Blog series, "My au pair stay: Why, what for, what's next?", alumni au pairs tell their stories and put their personal au pair stay in perspective. Today Sarah explains how her au pair stay let her clear her mind and get ready for the next challenge of writing her Master's thesis. 

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Family rituals and routines - Why they matter

A family plays football on the beach.

Building blocks for shared happiness – with your kids and your au pair

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5 reasons why you should be an au pair

au pair in a market with a camera in the hands

Not sure whether you'd really like to go abroad as an au pair? We tell you 5 reasons why you should be an au pair for sure!

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Want to Experience London like a Londoner?

Discover London

Everyone wants to visit the UK's busiest city, but aside from the main tourist sights, what is there to see? How do you get from one place to another in this huge place? Need an insider's perspective? Rhianna, our new AuPairWorld intern, has some top tips for you all on how to really discover London.

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Travelling without Internet access? Two apps that can save the day

Young people using their smartphones

Sara, a translator at AuPairWorld, reports on two travel apps that also function offline. They made all the difference during her recent trip to Rome!

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Charlotte reports: My au pair stay - Why, what for, what's next?

Au pair Charlotte (on the right) with a friend in Paris.

In our new Blog series, "My au pair stay: Why, what for, what's next?" alumni au pairs get a chance to speak up and put their personal au pair stay in perspective. Here Charlotte from Germany explains how her time as an au pair in France helped her to clarify her plans for the future. 

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