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Childcare in the countryside

Kirsten Voß-Rahe mit ihren Kindern und Au-pair

The Viehbrook Farm, based in the peaceful countryside of Northern Germany, is just an hour's drive from Hamburg. Despite its rural charm, this family-run farm has successfully hosted two au pairs with ease.

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How to choose the right au pair and make the relationship work

Children on a walk holding hands

A Madrid-based host mother blogger shares her strategies for making the most of au pairing's win-win potential.

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7 pro tips for a successful au pair search

Hands in the air

You want to find the perfect au pair for your family, but are uncertain how to use all the tools and resources that AuPairWorld provides? We can help you.

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Au pairing for your family: 5 reasons

Au pair with child in a tent

Still not convinced about hosting an au pair? Here are 5 reasons how sharing your home with a young person from abroad is a great way to make the most of family life.

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Being a better mother - with the help of an au pair

Mom working at home with her kids

Mother of two, Catherine Miller, explains how hosting an au pair has made it possible to manage the demands of work and family life so that everyone benefits, herself included.

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Multigenerational living with an au pair

Three generations in the kitchen together

Inviting an au pair into your home gives you the diversity of 3 generations living under one roof. Host mother Catherine Miller looks at the benefits of multigenerational living that au pairing delivers to everyone involved - parents, kids, and the au pair in the middle. 

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How expat families can benefit from hosting an au pair

Parents play with cardboard moving boxes with their kids

Many expat families choose to host an au pair as part of their childcare solution. Here expat mother and author Catherine Miller outlines the advantages that expat families get from having an au pair… 

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Five ways an au pair can improve your family dynamic

Family in the forest

What sort of impact will an au pair have on your family? Catherine Miller explains how hosting an au pair can enhance your day-to-day family interactions. 

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Having an au pair in a single-parent family - What's important?

Father holding his daughter

Katlyn Rainier writes about what an au pair can bring for a single-parent family from her perspective as a daughter who grew up with a single dad.

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Your coping strategies as a working parent

A mother copes with everyday stress - at the kitchen table with a child on her lap, looking at her laptop

The multiple roles we occupy as working parents are sometimes kind of crazy. How do you deal with a (too) busy life?

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