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From "Oh my God!" to "Win-Win": A host mother's 5 top tips for successful au pairing

Win-win written with chalk

Paz Nachón, a Madrid-based host mother blogger and an expert on multilingual family environments, shares her strategies for making the most of au pairing's win-win potential.

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Summer childcare – What's your family's plan?

Young family on the beach

The summer school holidays have a way of coming sooner than expected and can pose a major challenge for working parents. With a summer au pair on your team, you and your family can relax and be ready to enjoy everything the summer may bring.

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A short-term au pair for our family in the summer - True life reports

Sarah und Marlene

What's it really like having an au pair in the summer months? A German-Spanish family based in Barcelona shares their story. 

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Understanding your au pair for best results

Female au pair with hair blowing in the wind

Finding a productive partnership with your au pair

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An au pair for our family: True life reports

An au pair with the child of her host family

Liliam and her family recently moved from the Netherlands to Berlin and will soon welcome their sixth au pair.

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Assessment tool: What can an au pair do for you?

Young parents with son

Each family gets something different when they decide to have an au pair. Use our new tool to find out what your benefits would be!

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An au pair for our family: True life reports

Au pair life in Vancouver

What is it really like having an au pair? In our new blog series, host families from all around the world share their experiences.

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Going on family holidays without the au pair - how to handle?

A family being excited about going to the beach

Some weeks ago, we wrote about what ought to be done if an au pair was to accompany a host family on their holidays. Today we would like to focus on the other option: Below you will find some useful tips on what should be done if an au pair does not come along on the family trip.

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A foreign language for your kids: Your au pair has so much to share!

foreign language - reading a book

Chontelle Bonfiglio, an expert on bilingual development and creator of the blog Bilingual Kidspot, explains in this guest post how au pairs can enrich your family experience with a second language.

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Family holidays and your au pair – What works best?

The host family and their au pair enjoying time together while doing stand up paddling

The routines of everyday family life get all mixed up when a family heads out on a vacation trip. Thinking ahead will let you find the right role for your au pair during this time.

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