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Best activities to experience Madrid in the evening

Templo de Debod

July 04, 2024

Madrid's summer heat keeps locals mostly indoors during day, but everyone heads out to enjoy the evening breeze. Here are five best ways to spend some hot summer days in Madrid.

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7 great cities to work in as an au pair

Skyline of Sydney

April 02, 2024

Exploring life in a foreign city as an au pair is just one of the many advantages. However, it's essential to remember: each country holds treasures beyond its capital and bustling metropolises!

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Seeing life the Danish way: Hygge for beginners

Coffee cup with hygge text on it

December 09, 2019

What do incoming au pairs most need to know about Danish culture and behaviour? Christina, a former au pair from Denmark, explains some key cultural concepts to give au pairs a head start in feeling at home in this special country.

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5 "Must-Eats" for any au pair in the UK

Fish and Chips Restaurant on Cleethorpes pier

November 14, 2019

A great way to really get to know your surroundings in Great Britain is with some some hearty traditional food. Here are tasty suggestions from the local experts at StudentJob UK.  

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Enjoy Hamburg on a low budget

hamburg speicherstadt boot

November 08, 2018

Hamburg is one of the most loved but also most expensive cities in Germany. Even so, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the city without spending a fortune. Check out our low budget plans for Hamburg!

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New Zealand's best bars and cafés: 6 insider tips

Portershed Café in Christchurch

July 23, 2018

Whether you're underway as an au pair or a backpacker or some other sort of traveller, at some point you'll be wanting to sit down somewhere cool and inviting with friends or simply to meet new people. The authors at have put together six "Insider Tips" to take you to the best places in cities throughout the country.

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7 reasons to plan your au pair stay in Northern France

Côte d’Opale

June 13, 2018

Our new French intern Alexiane shares her insider knowledge and makes the case for Northern France as a great place for an au pair stay . 

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4 things you shouldn't miss as an au pair in Sweden

Ice Hotel Sweden

March 29, 2018

Sweden is a dynamic and beautiful country with a cool, laidback culture and a great mix of wild pristine nature and trendy cosmopolitan cities. It's a corner of Europe that definitely will make for a truly interesting au pair stay.

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10 cool things to see and do in the Netherlands (that many people miss)


October 24, 2017

Here are insider tips from our Dutch partner agency Au Pair International. They will help you get off the beaten track and let you see some special Dutch sights that are often overlooked.

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Want to Experience London like a Londoner?

Discover London

May 15, 2017

Everyone wants to visit the UK's busiest city, but aside from the main tourist sights, what is there to see? How do you get from one place to another in this huge place? Need an insider's perspective? Rhianna, our new AuPairWorld intern, has some top tips for you all on how to really discover London.

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