Special corona price reductions to help au pairing in the crisis (with video)

Travel restrictions and anxiety about infection are serious obstacles for au pairing. That's why AuPairWorld has implemented deep Premium discounts to help keep the au pair experience with all its special benefits available for everyone. 

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As the coronavirus pandemic has developed and impacted every continent and every country in the whole world, the global practice of au pairing has also suffered. Au pairing works with a basic outlook of openness – openness to travel from one country to another, openness to new connections between young people and families.

Corona is an enemy of these kinds of openness. So on top of all the different problems and suffering that the pandemic has caused, it has also made au pairing more difficult than it has been in the past. This is an undeniable fact.

Looking for solutions together

It is against this background that AuPairWorld has decided that a major reduction in its Premium prices is necessary. The reduction is a time-limited offer to support au pairing in the corona crisis. The discounts are particularly significant for longer term Premium Memberships to give families extra flexibility in arranging upcoming au pair stays.

"With our three-month Premium Plus offer now priced at just 49.90 EUR and Premium 365 for 12 months at just 89.90 EUR, we want to make sure that families have the time and the space to get the au pair support they need," explains Michael Stephan, Head of Customer Support.

Company founder Uwe Regenbogen makes a larger point: "For the moment, we are not at all focused on profit. We are focused on making sure that au pairing continues to be possible for all the people in the world who need it and want it."

AuPairWorld price reductions

Multiple benefits

As with so many other aspects of our lives prior to the pandemic, the value of what we've always had with au pairing has first become completely clear now that it is more difficult to organise an au pair stay than in the past. 

  • For young people, being an au pair is simply one of the most effective, affordable and truly educational ways to spend time abroad - to learn a language, to get to know another culture, to gain international experience and learn what it means to be away from home and take on new responsibilities. There's no gap year experience that offers so much so simply. 
  • For families, it is the flexible childcare solution par excellence. By making the family bigger (with an au pair) one also makes it better - with less stress, more variety, special learning opportunities for the kids, and greater flexibility for the parents. A win for the kids, a win for the parents, a win for the au pair.

Corona statement from AuPairWorld

This is one of the points that Managing Director Ann-Kristin makes in her recent company video about the corona challenge (see below). She points out that it is the strengths of the au pairing experience for everyone involved that will show us a way forward. And she makes the promise that AuPairWorld will work actively with families and au pairs to put together practical solutions to facilitate that way.